Sri Gopala Vimsati – 19

Dolai Veugopala Perumal - Andavan Ashramam
Dolai Veugopala Perumal - Andavan Ashramam

Gopalan desirous of performing water sports with the Gopis tucked tightly his garments. He took in his hands the water pump used in those sports. He approached one of the Gopis, who was standing with one foot forward in the water and the other planted backward on the land., He surprised her from behind and embraced her tightly. That Gopi was overpowered by that delectable experience and partially closed her eyes and looked at Gopalan with half-open eyes. He returned her affectionate glances. Their eyes met. May that Gopala engaged in water sports with the Gopis as their lover protect us, since he is the medicine for his devotees suffering from the afflictions of Samsaara!


Swamy Desikan enjoys the Lord sporting with the Gopis using water pumps (PeecchAnkuzhal) on the banks of YamunA River. His garments are tucked tight (Vaari kreeDA niBiDa vasana:) so He can move rapidly and escape the pursuit of the Gopis. When He stands in one place surveying the scene, He has the PrathyAleeDa pose (with his left leg firmly planted on ground and His right leg behind it like an archer ready to send his arrow (PrathyAleeDa sthithim adhigathAm). He moves and surprises a dear gopi by embracing her from behind, which in turn makes her close her eyes in a state of bliss and He looks at her adoringly (PaschAth miLina nayanam PrEyaseem prEkshyamANa:). He holds the water sport instrument (pump) in His hands (bhasthrA Yanthra praNihitha kara:). He is the protector of the souls (Bhaktha JeevAthu) and is the Gopi Jana Vallabhan. He is Bhaktha JeevAthu since the bhakthan can not live or survive without Him. He is thus the PrANan for the jeevan. May that enchanting Lord protect us (Na: avyAth)!

Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan’s summation is beautiful to enjoy here: “In vedAntha SaasthrAs, this verse corresponds to SaadhanAdhyAya (3rd Chapter of Brahma Soothram). We resort to the Lord as Siddha-upAya. We are enabled to be close to Him, enjoy Him, taste His qualities of charm, love, condescending grace etc. In fact, if we look at Him as our dear life-sustaining force, He reciprocates and treats us as giving Him life!”.

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