Sri Gopala Vimsati – 18


Lord Gopalan showing great affection for the Gopis stands before them in resplendent attire. He strikes a pose at that time with his tender right hand holding the shepherd’s bent stick; his left hand rests on the shoulder of the beautiful Nappinnai; that touch of Gopalan sends shivers of joy over Nappinnai’s body. That beautiful Gopalan has tucked his flute inside his waist band and has additional decoration in the form of a chain of Kunrumani beads tied across his own dark hair pulled up in the form of a bun. He shines with his dark blue hue, reminiscent of the clouds in the rainy season and wins over the Gopis with his formidable beauty. He roams around with great desire for union with Gopis.


In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan admires the standing posture of the Lord and concedes that this sevai is even more beautiful to enjoy compared to the decorations and VeNu ghAnam. What is it that overpowered Swamy Desikan? In this sEvai, He has a sportive baton (leelA Yashti) in His right hand and His left arm is resting on the shoulder of His dear Nappinnai. The waist of His beautiful blue body (mEga syAma tanu) holds a flute with the decoration of gunja beads. He shines victorious in this posture as the paramour of the Gopis (gOpa kanyA bhujanga: laLitha: Jayathy).

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