Sri Gopala Vimsati – 12


This is the famous verse sung by Sage Narada in Sankalpa Suryodhayam. The beauty of VenNgopAla and His world-enchanting flute music has been celebrated also by Srimad Bhagavatham and Periyazhwaar in particular (Periya Thirumozhi: 3.6)

May the resplendent blue jyothi of Gopala reminding one of an incomparable blue gem stone (Indra neela stone), with blue peacock feather decorations on His dark black hair and the divine flute on His lips appear before me during the last moments of my life on this earth.


Gopalan responds to the moving appeal of Swamy Desikan and enters his heart lotus and stays there. Swamy Desikan enjoys the reunion (samslEsham) and begs for the retention of that blissful experience even during his last moments (anthima smruthy). He responds to the earlier prayer of “Aavirasthu mama chitthE”.

The question arises: Why does one need to pray for anthima smruthi since the Lord has said that there is no need to ask this anugraham by the PrapannAs. It will happen on its own due to BhagavAn’s own sankalpam. Swamy DEsikan’s prayer should be understood this way without conflict with VarAha charama slOkam or Lord VaradarAjan’s message to Ramanuja (six words) through Thirukkacchi Nampi: “Swamy Desikan’s prayer is not an emphasis on anthima smruthi. Swamy cherishes the Gopala vision so much that He would like to have the vision vouchsafed to him continuously ever hereafter. In other words, he wishes to see this form of Gopala during his last moment in this world”. This is his prayer.

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