Sri Gopala Vimsati – 8


Vedas are still searching for Him; His leelas were seen by the twin Marutha trees in His backyard. Even after they were released from their state as trees, the sons of Kubera did not want to get back to their home, since they wanted to enjoy some more of His Bala Leelas. The river Yamuna, the daughter of Surya was a joyous witness to all his playful deeds that took place on her sands and banks. adiyEn sees that wonderful young Gopala next to me always. (This is a blessing that Swami Desikan earned as a result of his meditation on Rajagopalan at the dhivya dEsam of Thiruvaheenhrapuram).


When Swamy Desikan collapsed over the thought of the infant GopAlan pulling an oversize mortar like Swamy NammAzhwAr, Bhagavaan blessed Swamy Desikan with the Jn~Anam equivalent to direct vision of Himself and Swamy Desikan begins to celebrate this unique blessing. “anugraha viSEshENa kenachith ParamAthmanam pasyanthy”. Even if they did not qualify themselves through Bhakthi yOgam to visualize Him, they experience Him due to His special anugraham. Swamy Desikan is one such bhAgyasAli and describes his Aanandha anubhavam here. The twin Arjuna trees (Marutha maram) shed their life as trees due to the Lord’s intervention and went back to their father’s home (ALakApuri). They did not get to see the chEshtais of the Lord as a Youth. Swamy Desikan saya that he was able to see those activities all around him (NikaDEshu niSAmayAmi nithyam) due to the Lord’s anugraham. That Parabrahmam is sought after unsuccessfully though by the Vedanthams (Upanishads) even today (nigamAnthai: adhunAapi mrugyamANam). The YakshAs who were in the garden of YasOdha saw some of these leelais until their curse was lifted. Yamunai had however the good fortune to see them in their completeness from the time to She made the path for the Lord to travel across to reach Gokulam to the delectable rAsa KreeDais of the Lord in full Moon evenings. That Lord had river Yanmuna as the witness for His sports (Yamuna saakshika youvanam yuvAnam).

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