Sri Gopala Vimsati – 6

Kaaliya narthanam
Kaaliya narthanam

The young girls of Gokulam looked at this lovely child of Yasodha with great affection. Their glances entered Him like arrows and made Him subservient to them. He is the great fortune of the city of Northern Matura. He, who was born there, is the object of delectable experience for the sages, who do not covet anything else in this world. Right from his infant stage, when He was breast fed by His natural mother Devaki in the prison, He has been the essence of beauty in all the three worlds. I salute and offer my tribute to this Supreme Being known as Gopalan.


Here Swamy Desikan states that he prays to the matchless Parabrahmam appearing as an infant at Gokulam for his sustenance with the help of meditation on His soulabhya chEstithams (Baala leelais). Swamy Desikan regrets that he did not live amongst the gopa janams in KrishNaa’s time to visualize all these delectable sports at Gokulam and BrundhAvanam. He explains that he is engaging in the singing of Bhagavath guNams (Bhagavath GuNa ghAnam) for sustaining himself like the AzhwArs. The link is to Swamy NammAzhwAr’s ThiruvAimozhi (IV.3.10): “yaanum EmpirAnayE yEtthinEn yaanyuvAnE”. Swamy Desikan chooses to praise the soulabhya GuNams of the Lord as the child at Gokulam and BrundhAvanam as a route to compensate for his misfortune in not living during the time of the Lord’s avathAram. Swamy recognizes his handicaps in such an attempt and says: “VasudEva VadhU sthanyam Tath Brahma kisOra-bhava-dhrusyam kimapi yeeDE”. Swamy observes: “adiyEn will eulogize that matchless Para Brahmam appearing as an infant feeding from the milk of Devaki’s breasts”.

The Gopis nourished themselves from the enjoyment of looking with love at the Mukha SrI of Gopalan at Gokulam. He was born in the city of Mathurai and made it auspicious (Madhura BhAgyam). MadhurA is considered auspicious, an abode of PuNyams and cure for sins because of His avathAram (MadhurA nAma nagaree puNyA pApahari SubhA). He enjoyed Devaki’s breast milk (Devaki sthanya bhOgyam) although He is a Para Brahmam. He became the target of the cowherd girls of Gokulam (vraja yOshith apAnga vEdaneeyam). He was born in MadhurA but grew up in Gokulam and the gopis had the alabdha laabham; Maturai had the abhAgyam, when our Lord moved immediately after birth to Gokulam (Orutthi mahanAy piRanthu, orutthi mahanAy vaLara). The GopAs and the Gopis had the adhrushtam (yOgam). He was destined to be a King in MathurA as the son of VasudEvan and Devaki but blessed NandagOpan and YasOdhA instead by growing up in Gokulam. This ParavAsudEvan, Sarva KaaraNa Brahmam was seen as an infant toddler due to the PuNyam of the Gopa Janams at Gokulam.

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