Sri Sthavam – 9 & 10

ThirukkAzhiccheerAma ViNNagaram - LokaNaayagi ThAyAr
ThiruttaNNKaal ThAyAr Purappaadu

“taam devadeva mahishIm Sriyam aasrayaama:”, asserts the poet in the SaraNAgati signature of the ninth and tenth slOkaas. In the ninth verse, KurEsa states that those, who offer SaraNAgati at the lotus feet of Maha Lakshmi will be blessed with great sCholarship or Vak Samrutti. KurEsa explains that by pointing out that the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati is a Kinkari (Servant) Of Maha Lakshmi. Therefore, She will bless the Prapannas of Her Mistress with her own blessings. In the tenth verse, KurEsa refers to a happening at the time of the Universal Deluge (Pralayam). At that time, there is no Lakshmi Kataksham on this world. Hence, all chetanas and achetanas are anemic and famished and are in a state resembling death. When Maha Lakshmi took pity on the state of the Universe and thought about casting Her glance at the suffering Universe, that very thought of Her gave new life to the chetanas and achetanas. They became invigorated with energy and strength. Life came back all over. KurEsa sought refuge at Her holy feet, which is the embodiment of Compassion.

ThirukkAzhiccheerAma ViNNagaram - LokaNaayagi ThAyAr



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