Theeyathur Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple


Located 15kms South West of Avudayar Koil on the Thirupannavasal Road is the Sundara Raja Perumal Temple in Theeyathur where Sundararaja Perumal is seen in a handsome standing posture along with Sri and Bhoo Devi.

There was a big Chariot at this temple centuries ago with the chariot festival being an important event of the year. Also indications are that Navarathri Festival was celebrated here in a grand manner.

However, the temple is currently in a state of ruins with broken outer walls and a high percentage of shrubs having dominating presence at the temple.

One time pooja is performed in the morning at this temple.


Several inscriptions in the outer walls of the temple indicate that the temple is atleast 500years old and that many lands were donated to this temple in centuries gone by.


Puratasai Saturdays
Margazhi Utsavam

Balaji Bhattar @ 99650 86642 performs pooja at this temple with sincerity every morning.

How to reach

One can reach Avudayar Koil from Trichy-Pudukottai- Aranthangi. From Avudayar Koil, one can take the Thirupunavasal bus (Mimisal route) to reach Theeyathur in 30minutes

Buses ply every half hour from Avudayar Koil. No autos at Avudayar Koil.



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