Mela Nammankurichi Sri Deivanayaga Perumal Pavithrothsavam



Thirukkachi Perarulalan had a thiruvullam to have His Divine Abode in chola mandalam also, near to Rajamannargudi. He once have made some of srivaishnavites to undertake Sethu yathra and on theway they stayed in a place, reciting Divya prabhandhams. Perumal Made that place itself as His another abode for Hearing the Divya prabandham daily.The King of that region had consecrated Perumal in the same place, who showed Himself in a nearby place underneath a tulasi Garden. The King has allotted the Five villages for the Srivaishnavas who were reciting the Divyaprabhandham to carry on with their kainkaryam in that place for Devadhirajan, daily. That Place is Called KARAPPANKADU, which has given us many sampradhaya Maha Vidhwans. The Five villages are famously called as PANCHA GRAMAM, Viz.. KARAPPANKADU, NAMMANKURICHI, PULIAKKUDI, PERAVOORANI AND SERANKULAM.

As days rolled out, Perumal had a sankalpam of having Temples in Each of these Villages and NAMMANKURICHI is one of them, abode of SRIVARAMANGA SAMETHA SRI DEIVANAYAGA PERUMAL. The Temple Consecration was done by Srimadh Paramahamsedhyathi VANAMAMALAI CHINNA KALIYAN RAMANUJA JEEYAR SWAMI in early 20th century. Perumal’s Pavithrothsavam, Adhyayanothsavam etc.. are being celebrated every year with the support of few Srivaishnavas in a grand manner. This Year, Per Bhagavath Sankalpam, Pavithrothsavam has been planned to celebrate for 4 days commencing  9th August and Sathumurai on 12th August 2012 (AADI- ROHINI). The Pavithrothsavam Pathrikai is attached herewith and pray unto srivaishnavites for liberal contribution and physical participation to their possible extents.
 Courtesy : Nammankurichi R. Kannan


  1. Hi,
    I was told that the perumal temple in Melanammankurichi was earlier in a different place inside the paddy fields closer to pamini river (inside “kottagam”) and was totally washed away by a flood in the river. Anyone knows the exact location where this temple was situated earlier and are there some remains from that location available to research the time period of that ancient temple.

    Thanks, Veerasekaran

  2. Thanks to Sri R. Kannan. I am one of the family of Pancha Grammathar at Karappangadu. Thanks to Mr. Veerasekaran. He contact Mr. R. Kannan (09345151828). He knows the temple Sthala Puranam. Thanks to Anudhinam.


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