Nandana Varusha Aadi Utsavam at Various DivyaDesams


Aadi Utsavam is being celebrated at several DivyaDesams including Srivilliputtur in a grand manner.

The month of  Aadi is very significant for all srivaishnavas as Andal (the only woman Azhwar) was born on Pooram nakshatra (star) in this month at Srivilliputhur. This day is popularly celebrated as Thiruvaadipooram.  Andal has composed two Divya Prabhandams –  Thiruppavai (comprising thirty paasurams in which Andal imagines herself to be a Aaypaadi girl during Krishnaavataram) and Nachiyar Tirumozhi (comprising 143 paasurams). This year Thiruvaadipooram falls tomorrow (July 23, 2012, Monday).
The following are some of the photographs taken during this utsavam at various Thirukkoils…

Thiruvaadipoora Brahmothsavam at Srivilliputtur

Photos (Courtesy: Sri BR Raghavan and Sri Seshadry Narayanan)

For the utsava patrigai, please visit

Thiruvaadipoora Utsavam at Kanchipuram 

Photos (Courtesy: SrI Elangadu Ranganatha Chakravarthy)

Video (Courtesy: Sri R.S.Ranganthan)

Thiruvaadipoora Utsavam at Thiruvallikeni

Photos (Courtesy: Sri Kasthuri Rangan)

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