82nd Thirunakshatra Utsavam of Koti Kannikadanam Mahavidwan Thandri U.Ve. Sri Srinivasa Thathachar


The 82nd Thirunakshatra Celebrations of Koti Kannikadanam – Mahavidwan – Thandri – U.Ve. Sri Srinivasa Thathachar will take place on Aadi Hastham (Wednesday, 25th July, 2012). The Thirunakshatram Celebrations will take place at Swamy’s Thirumaaligai at Kaancheepuram, Sannidhi Street at 10.00 am.

Swamy’s Thanian is as follows ….

SriSaila-venkata-guraw Kritha-shinna Mudram
SriKrisha-taatha-guruvarya Kritaathma Raksham |
SriDevanaatha-budhalabhdha Paraathma Tanthram
SriVaasa-taatha Guruvaryam aham Prapathye ||

Swamy is a Theerthakar at Lord Sri DevaathirajAn Sannidhi. Swamy’s day begins and ends at the feet of Lord Devaathirajan in which Swamy presides over many of the rituals at the Sannidhi interms of mantra-pushpam, veda parayanam, etc. etc. Swamy presides over many upanyasams and notable among them is swamy’s maiden upanyasan, every year, on the 1st day during Swami Desikan’s Thirunakshatram which happens on Purattasi – Sravanam. Swami has also given a foreword to Varadharaja Gunamrutha Vaibhavam which was published during the year 2000 on the successful completion of the 17th year of Sri Kanchi Perarulalan monthly journal in which Swami describes Sri Varadharajan as ….”Sarvasya Adhipadhi: Sarvasya Eesanaha: Raajaathi Raajaha: Sarvesham ” Swamy has many Sishyas throughout India and also regularly conducts Kalakshepams for many sishyas.

The Thirunakshatram Celebration is being co-ordinated by Swami’s Sishya – Shri P V Seshadri Iyengar based in Chennai; He could be reached at +91 44 2484 7807 for further details about the celebrations.

The following is a related video featuring the swami…

Courtesy: Sri Cattangulathur S. Raghavan


  1. Sri thandri U.Ve Srinivasathathacharyar is a not only a vedic scholar but a great Sanskrit Vidwan. He is maintaining our old tradition of orthodoxy and is a true follower of Sri Ramanuja ,swamiSri Vedantha Desikan and sri Lakshmikumara thatha desikan. He is doing Kainkaryam whole day at the feet of Lord Varada.May Lord Varada give him good health and long life to bless us all.

  2. Sri.U.VE. Ettur Emmabadi ThirumalaiLaskshmi Kumara Kodi Kannikathanam Thandri Srinivasa Thathachariyar 82 thiunakkashathira vaibahavam was celebrated in grand manner at kacnchipuram. No of sishyas and bahagavathas were attended. Thanks to sri. choolimedu seshadhri swamigal for orginised this wonderful event.
    Namaskara to Sri U Ve Kainkarya Sree Thandri Srinivasa Thathachariyar swamigal lotus feet.

  3. Adiyen had the Bhagyam of attending our most beloved Acharyan Thirunakshatram.

    I feel I don’t get such opportunity often. I pray Devadhirajan and Perundevi Thayar to keep Acharyan in excellent Health and seek Acharyan’s blessings to serve Deavadhirajan & Thayar and at the lotus feet of our most revered Acharyan for years to come.

    Adiyen Krishnan Desikachari


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