Sapta Sloki Gita (Gita in Seven Verses)


There are 700 verses in the Gita. Great preceptors have selected seven important verses and recommended their daily repetition (parayana) for the various benefit. The translation is from Prof. M.R. Sampatkumaran’s rendition of The Gita Bhashya of Ramanuja.

Kavim puraanam anusaashitaaram

Anor aneeyaamsam anusmared yah

Sarvasya dhaataaram achintya-roopam

Aaditya-varnam tamasah parastaat       (VIII. 9)

He who meditates on the Great Seer, the Ancient One, the Ruler, the Creator of All, Who is smaller than an atom, Whose nature is inconceivable, Who has the lustre of the SUN and Who is beyond darkness (will attain that same Divine Supreme Person).

Om ityekaaksharam Brahma vyaaharan maam anusmaran

Yah prayaati tyajan deham sa yaati paramaam gatim     (VIII.13)

Uttering (to himself) the mono-syllable “Om”, which is (denotative of) the BRAHMAN, and (thus) recollecting Me continuously — whoever gives up the body and departs (from life) in this manner, he reaches the supreme goal.

Manmanaa bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaajee maam namaskuru Maamevaishyasi yuktvaivam aatmaanam Mat-paraayanah                                 (IX. 34)

Place your mind upon Me. Be My devotee. Be My worshipper. Prostrate before Me. Having engaged your mind in this manner and holding Me as the supreme goal, it is to Me only you will come.

Sthaane Hrisheekesha! tava prakeertyaa

Jagat prahrishyati anurajyate cha

Rakshaamsi bheetaani disho dravanti

Sarve namasyanti cha siddha-sanghaah     (XI. 36)

O HRISHIKESHA (KRISHNA) ! It is quite appropriate that the world rejoices at and falls into love with You! It is quite befitting that the frightened RAKSHASA-S flee in all directions and all the hosts of siddha-s (divine beings) bow down (to You)!

Sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvato `shi-siro-mukham

Sarvatah srutimat loke sarvam aavritya tishthati        (XIII. 13)

This BRAHMAN has its hands and feet everywhere. It has its eyes, heads and mouths everywhere. It also has its ears everywhere. It stands enveloping everything in the universe.

Oordhva-moolam adhassaakham

Asvattham praahur avyayam

Chandaamsi yasya parnaani

Yas tam veda sa vedavit            (XV. 1)

They (the veda-s) speak of an indestructible PEEPAL tree which has its roots upwards and branches downwards and whose leaves are the veda-s. One who knows it, knows the veda-s.

Sarvasya chaaham hridi sannivishtah

Mattah smritir jnaanam apohanam cha

Vedaischa sarvair ahameva vedyah

daantakrid Vedavid eva cha aham          (XV. 15)

I am well established in the hearts of all. From Me come memory, knowledge and their loss too. I alone am to be known from all the veda-s. I bring into being the result of (the rituals of) the veda-s and I alone am the knower of the veda-s.



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