Legendary Lotus


Aserene lake that’s just waking up to a pink-tinged dawn. As the sun inches up the horizon, the lotus unfolds her petals; and turns to face her Lord. This re-enactment or eternal love has been happening everyday, For all time. But, the lotus or padrna as the flower is called in Sanskrit, is more than just a symbol of eternal love. It is the favoured flower of poets who describe the lotus-eyed’ beauties in their epics.

It is the cherished flower of the deities – Brahma sits on a lotus rising from Vishnu’s navel, Lakshmi sits on it, Sarasvati prefers the white lotus and Durga wears it as a garland. Even in the Buddhist tradition and Egyptian culture, the lotus has a place of pride. Sanskrit names of Lakshmi based on the lotus are innumerable….Padmini, Padmesthita, Padmakshi, Padmapriya arid so on.

In yogasana, the ‘lotus posture’ or Padmasana, is very important, when attempting to reach the highest level of consciousness. While the flower symbolizes purity and divinity, it is also believed to lengthen  life, increase fertility and prolong youth.

According to ancient scriptures, the lotus appears to be associated with vedic culture for almost thousands of years. References to the lotus are frequent and ubiquitous in die epics, literature, history, art and architecture.

Almost all parts of the lotus can be used. Food can be wrapped in lotus leaves and cooked for a distinctly delicious flavour. An almond-flavoured tasty flour is obtained by grinding lotus seeds. Lotus stalks sliced and added to salads enhance taste. Even the rhizomes, petioles and tender roots can be eaten.

Medically speaking, the rhizomes or leaves of the lotus can be used to treat sunstroke, fever, dysentery, dizziness and haemorrhoids. Mushroom poisoning can be treated with the lotus plant.

Lotus seeds can control high fever, some types ofcholera, insomnia, vomiting and diarrhoea. They say, that the petals of the lot us, when pounded, can treat syphilis. The flower stalk is supposed to be effective in controlling uterine bleeding. To stop bleeding, the pods of the flower are believed to be handy.

As a spiritual exilir, the lotus many other benefits as well.

It has a harmonizing effect on emotions. Experts say that the lotus helps in clearing the entire system of toxins. From aromatherapy to homeopathy, acupressure to allopathy, the lotus extends its healing reach to several branches of medicine.


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