வெற்றி பாசுரம் – Paasuram for Success and Victory


Swamy NamAzhwar gave us a set of 10 verses that is colloquially called வெற்றி பாசுரம் (victory paasuram). It is found in ThiruvaiMozhi 7.4 (7aam pathu 4aalam thiruvaimozhi). Swamy NammAzhwar is in full flow and the words seem to jump out and merge with our senses. In olden days many people recited these 10 verses to seek victory in daily endeavors (for karya siddhi).

One such incident from poorvacharya’s life was as follows. Among  the  four  important  disciples  of  Sri  Nampillai,  Pinbazhagiya  Perumal  Jeeyar  did not  care  for  either  his  food  or  sleep.  He  served  his  Acharya,  Sri  Nampillai  without  any lapse.  At  one  time  he  became  bedridden  afflicted  by  a  certain  disease.  Consequently  he summoned  some  of  his  close  associates  and  requested  them  as  follows  ” My  dear  friends,  I  do  not  wish  to  die  now.  I  would  like  to live  for  some  more  time for having bhagyam of performing  rare services to my Acharyan.  Hence  you please  go  to  Sriranganatha’s  Temple  and  going  round  in  circumambulation,  recite  the divine  songs  of  Sri  Kaliyan  “Ezhai  Edalan”  and  that  of  swamy  Nammazhwar’s  “Azhi yezha”   and  pray  to  Him  for  the  longevity  of  my  life.”  They  did  so  and  Sri Jeeyar’s normal health was restored to him by the grace of Lord.

Sri NampiLLai says: those who read with a desire in their hearts will get their desires fulfilled; Those who are after wealth, will get more wealth; Those who have surrendered to the Lord will get their five senses conquered by them; those who are prapannas will win against the Kaimkarya virOdhis (enemies of kaimkaryam).

Reciting it fills the body with adrenalin purely because of the rhythm and force of the verses. Each of the 10 verses is dedicated to the moment of victory in the  avatharams of  lord Vishnu (emperumAnadhu vijaya paramparaigaLai avan kAttak kaNdu pEsudhal).

Elder’s also advice  to recite these verse while making infant babies sleep at home (either we can recite or can sing with good  thalam) so that no evil will near the child.



Paasurams with Meaning:

ஆழி யெழச்சங்கும் வில்லு மெழ,திசை

வாழி யெழத்தண்டும் வாளு மெழ,அண்டம்

மோழை யெழமுடி பாத மெழ,அப்பன்

ஊழி யெழவுல கங்கொண்ட வாறே.

1. aazhi yezha chchangum villum ezha, dhisai

vaazhi yezhath thaNdum vaaLu mezha, aNdam

mOzhai yezha mudi paadha mezha, appan

oozhi yezha ulagham goNta vaaRE.


(Did you read? The words just come and dove tail into the slots so cute.) This pAsuram is about Thrivikramavataar. – Bhagawaan Thrivikraman, when He took the Huge, Large, Great, Grand, Form to measure the universe, firstly, the ChakratthAzhwAn appeared. Then Sanghu and Kothandam (Divine Conch and Bow) appeared. From all directions, there were sounds of greetings that emanated with “Vaazhgha; Vaazhgha”. Subsequently, The maze and the Sword appeared. Like the fountain of water that just spurts out spontaneously, the Cup of His crown and the tip of His tow appeared simultaneously, ripping apart, the sky and the world. Immediately, it is good and great time that appeared for the world. Thus,-My father (appan),- The way He measured the Universe- What a marvel it is! What a shining form the world was of (when He appeared in this world)!


ஆறு மலைக்கெதிர்ந் தோடு மொலி,அர

வூறு சுலாய்மலை தேய்க்கு மொலி,கடல்

மாறு சுழன்றழைக் கின்ற வொலி, அப்பன்

சாறு படவமு தங்கொண்ட நான்றே.

2. aaRu malaikk ethirnN thOtu moli,ara

vooRu chulaaymalai thEykku moli,kadal

maaRu chuzhanRu azhaik kinRa voli, appan

chaaRu pada amudham konda naanRE


(In the second pAsuram, AzhwAr talks about Emperumaan’s act during Churning of Milk Ocean by Devas and asurAs). My father, – en appan- He churned the Milk Ocean for Devas and created a mood of Big Festival. When the Ocean was churned with the Manthara mountain in the middle, the rivers (that were to run and flow towards the Ocean) started running away form it and were flowing back to their respective mountains (from where they came from). (Naturally, when the mountain was in the middle, the whole place was at a higher elevation, and the rivers were flowing form the higher elevation to their mountains.). Due to all those rivers flowing backwards, there was tremendous roar of water gushing backwards. There was also the Great big sound of Vasuki snake, rubbing against the Manthara mounatin, which made the mountain move form right to left. That sound added to the noise. The waves and the deep water coming to the surface due to churning was also supplementing to the enormous noise that engulfed the whole area. (what a visualisation of AzhwAr! Wha a show Emeprumaan showed to AzhwAr!) Like that Emperumaan, as KurmA avataar, helped Devas churn the Ocean and eat Nectar (Amirtham).


நான்றில வேழ்மண்ணும் தானத்த, வே,பின்னும்

நான்றில வேழ்மலை தானத்த வே,பின்னும்

நான்றில வேழ்கடல் தானத்த வே,அப்பன்

ஊன்றி யிடந்தெயிற் றில்கொண்ட நாளே.

3. naanRila vEzh maNNum thaanaththavE, pinnum

naanRila vEzh malai thaanaththavE, pinnum

naanRila vEzh kadal thaanaththavE, appan

oonRi yidandheyiR Ril koNda naaLE.


(In this thrid pAsuram, it is Varaaha avattar’s mahaatmiyam.) en appan- My father- took Varaaha avathaaram and brought the BhUmi (The Earth) back. When He brought back the Earth, all Seven oceans, Seven mountains, Seven islands, were all in tact and did not at all shift their respective locations. It is due to His protections and grace, everything was in its place.


நாளு மெழநில நீரு மெழவிண்ணும்

கோளு மெழேரி காலு மெழ,மலை

தாளு மெழச்சுடர் தானு மெழ,அப்பன்

ஊளி யெழவுல கமுண்ட வூணே.

4. naaLu mezha nila neeru mezha, viNNum

kOLum ezha eri kaalu mezha, malai

thaaLu mezhach chudar thaanum ezha, appan

ooLi  yezha vulakam uNda vooNE.

(This is about His saving the entire universe during PraLayam (Cosmic cycle end)). During the Big PraLaya kaalam, Emperumaan, ate the whole, entire universe as His food, and retained it in His stomach to protect the same. When He did that, He sucked the whole world. There was a huge sound and was a great noise to suck the entire land, the water, etc.. The time, the directions, the land, the space, the air, the water, – all were sucked. There was NO DIFFERENCE between them, when they were all hidden inside the stomach. The Planets, The fire the mountains, The Sun, The Moon- all went inside and lost their places and forms. – Like that He ate EVERYTHING as His food and had them in His stomach.

ஊணுடை மல்லர் ததர்ந்த வொலி,மன்னர்

ஆணுடை சேனை நடுங்கு மொலி,விண்ணுள்

ஏணுடைத் தேவர் வெளிப்பட்ட வொலி,அப்பன்

காணுடைப் பாரதம் கையரைப் போழ்தே.

5. ooNudai mallar thagharndha voli, mannar

aaNudai chEnai nadungum oli, viNNuL

ENudaith thEvar veLip patta voli, appan

kaaNudaip bhaaradham kaiyaraip pOzhdhE.


(This pasuram decsribes the way Lord conducted and made Pandavas win KurushEthra battle.) My father- Emperumaan- majestically brought the Chariot to the middle of the army, with everyone seeing with awe, His effortlessness. During that time, there were various noises. When the soldiers (mallars- wrestlers?) fell on the ground dying, after being hit very badly, there were huge noises; There were also noises of running away from the scene by other kings’ soldiers who were terribly scared and were shivering looking at Emperumaan’s effortless coming to the middle with Divine tEjas and exquisite Beauty. The Proud Devas, appeared in the sky and praised Him and such noises also added to the sound.


போழ்து மெலிந்தபுன் செக்கரில்,வான்திசை

சூழு மெழுந்துதி ரப்புன லா,மலை

கீழ்து பிளந்தசிங் கமொத்த தால்,அப்பன்

ஆழ்துய ர் செய்தசு ரரைக்கொல்லு மாறே.

6. pOzthu melindhapun chekkaril,vaan dhisai

choozhum ezhundhu uthirap punalaa, malai

keezthu piLandha chiNGkam oththathaal, appan

aazthuyar cheydhu asuraraik kollumaaRE.


(This is the excellent description of Nrisimha avataar.) en appan- My father- took Narasimha avataar and showed His anger. He gave hiraNyan terrible regret for his misdeeds and apchaaram to His bhakthA and cured that regret by killing the asuran and destroying him. When the evening was about to come in and the day time was getting over (during twilight), Emperumaan killed HiraNyan. He tore him and killed him with blood gushing out everywhere- the sky, the earth and in all directions. This act was similar to a huge mountain that has been dropped on the ground and a Big, ferocious Lion cuts that mountain into two pieces with terrible anger.


மாறு நிரைத்திரைக் கும்சரங் கள்,இன

நூறு பிணம்மலை போல்புர ள,கடல்

ஆறு மடுத்துதி ரப்புன லா,அப்பன்

நீறு படவிலங் கைசெற்ற நேரே.

7.maaRu niraiththu iraikkum charaNGkaL, ina

nooRu piNam malai pOl puraLa, kadal

aaRum aduthth uthirappunalaa, appan

neeRu pada ilaNGkai cheRRa nErE.


(Sri Ramaavathaaram is narrated herein.). en appan- Sri Raman- the way He destroyed lankaa with His Valour, His Dharma and His Greatness. There was no “mayyam” (no cheating or mischief). There were metallic twangs and sounds everwhere with the twangs of Emperumaan’s bow chord (and also of IlayaperumaaL’s) and the sound of arrows hitting against each other in all directions. There were hundreds and hundreds of bodies falling on the ground dying. The entire area was filled with blood and it was a blood river that was flowing towards the sea to make it look red. Thus the entire lankaa was made to dust by Sri Rama.

நேர்சரிந் தாங்கொடிக் கோழிகொண் டான்,பின்னும்

நேர்சரிந் தானெரி யுமன லோன்,பின்னும்

நேர்சரிந் தான்முக்கண் மூர்த்திகண் டீர்,அப்பன்

நேர்சரி வாணந்திண் டோள்கொண்ட அன்றே.

8. nEr charinNthaan kodikkOzhi koNdaan, pinnum

nEr_charinNthaan eriyum analOn, pinnum

nErcharinNthaanmukkaN moorththikaN teer,appan

nEr_chari vaaNandhiN tOLkoNta anRE.


(Bhagawaan’s cutting the shoulders of bANAsuran). En appan- (when bANAsuran came to fight against Him,) KaNNan, conquered him and cut his shoulders and won the battle. To support the bANAsuran, SubramaNyan came and lost. Then came Agni and he also lost to KaNNan. After agni ran away from the scene, came Sivan, who also lost to KaNNan.


அன்று மண்நீரெரி கால்விண் மலைமுதல்,

அன்று சுடரிரண் டும்பிற வும்,பின்னும்

அன்று மழையுயிர் தேவும்மற் றும்,அப்பன்

அன்று முதலுல கம்செய் ததுமே.

9. anRu maN neer eri kaalviN malaimuthal,

anRu chudariraN tumpiRa vum,pinnum

anRu mazaiyuyir thEvummaR Rum,appan

anRu muthalula kamchey thadhumE.


(Here, AzhwAr talks about the way He created the worlds). He is the Primordial Chief. He, created the whole universe, in the beginning. At that time, He created BhUmi, Water, Fire, Air and the Space (the Panch BhUthAs). He also created the Sun and the Moon. He created many other objects and then, on top of  that He created rains, the lives (among beings) and the demi Gods.


மேய்நிரை கீழ்புக மாபுர ள,சுனை

வாய்நிறை நீர்பிளி றிச்சொரி ய,இன

ஆநிரை பாடியங் கேயொடுங் க,அப்பன்

தீமழை காத்துக் குன்ற மெடுத் தானே.

10. mEy nirai keezhpuka maapura La,chunai

vaaynNiRai neer_piLi Richchori ya,ina

aanNirai paadiyaNG kEyotuNG ka,appan

theemazai kaaththuk kunRa metuththaanE.


(The Govardhana Giri episode is described). Like the fierce fire, the rains rained (like cats and dogs) for consecutive seven days and nights) to destroy the Aayar kulam (due to Indran getting antagonised by them). KaNNan- Kutti KaNNan- Boy KaNNan, with little finger, effortlessly lifted the huge Govardhana mountain above His Head in order to let all in Aayar kulam- (the cattle, the salves, the people etc.. etc..) cone under the mountain and stay for seven days. The animals from the mountain fell down rolling down from the top of the mountain. The water falls and the streams started flowing down with more force (due to higher elevation now). Every one belonging to Aayarpaadi stayed under the mountain peacefully (drinking the Sowlabhya- Sowseelaya exquisite Beauty of that Neela mEgha ShyAmaLan- lifting the Huge mountain effortlessly with a mandhahaasam (smile) on His face, and looking at them (the “poor” aayar kulam- enriched with His Most merciful glance on them- I am quite sure they would have felt bad when the rain stopped!)

குன்ற மெடுத்த பிரானடி யாரொடும்,

ஒன்றிநின் றசட கோப னுரைசெயல்,

நன்றி புனைந்த ஓராயிரத் துள்ளிவை

வென்றி தரும்பத்தும் மேவிக்கற் பார்க்கே.

11. kunRam edutta piraan adiyaarodum

onRi ninRa sadagopanurai seyal

nanRi punainda Or aayirattuL ivai

venRi tarum pattum mEvi kkaRpaarkkE

Sri SadagOpar has sung 1000 pAsurams about KaNNan and narrated His glories, with Bhakti laden verses. Those who read these ten (out of 1000 ) are SURE to come out VICTORIOUS.

Pasuram meanings : Thanks to Shri Madhavakkannan





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