Sudarshanaashtakam – Learners Series Audio


This post contains Stotra Paatam/Learning method (Sandhai) for Sudarshanaashtakam. Stotra Paatam has to be done in person with an aacharyan and this audio to be used as a guideline for practicing the stotras.

This  series of Stotra Paatam is rendered by Dr.U.Ve. Satakopa Tattacharya Swami of Thoopul. If you would wish to acknowledge this by contributions and support, please contact Sri Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Vedantha Desikar Charitable Trust, for more details read here:

Recitation without Paatam (Click play below to get started)

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Stotra Paatam File for Learners (Click play below to get started)

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Stotra Pdf Links:

Detailed meanings of Sri Sudarshan Ashtakam can be read from:

Oh Sri Sudarsana! All the enemies of your Lord’s devotees run away fearing your prowess. All auspicious attributes find their home in you. Those, who worship you cross the shore less ocean of Samsara and free themselves from their cycles of Births and Deaths. The entire Universe is stabilized by your mighty power. You cut asunder all the sins of those, who approach you as their refuge. You bless all of your devotees with the knowledge about the righteous conduct prescribed by the Vedas. Oh Lord Sudarsana of these auspicious attributes! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!




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