Nammaazhwar and Madhurakavi


This is a brief story of one of the greatest Sri Vaishnava saints,  Sri Nammazhwaar, and his exemplary disciple Sri Madhura Kavi Azhwar.

Sri Nammaazhwaars works are Thiruvaimozhi, Thiruviruttam, Thiruvaasiriyam, Periya thiruvandhaadhi.

Sri Madhurakavi’s work is Kanninum siruthaambu  about swamy Nammazhwaar.

Sri Nammazhwaar is also one of the first aacharyan in guruparamparai of srivaishnavas as he is the one who given all pasurams of Azhwaar to Nathamunigal.  Nathamunigal meditated upon Nammazhwaar by chanting Sri Madhurakavi ‘s Kanninum siru thaambu 12,000 times and got the blessings and azhwaars treasure from Nammazhwaar.

Words are not accurate or enough to describe Sri Nammazhwar. It is best to study his works, especially Thiruvaimozhi, under a knowledgeable aacharya.


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