Kanchi Sri Perarulalan in Yanai Vahanam


On sixth day evening during Brahmotsavam, yesterday 5th of June 2012, Varadar blessed us all in one of his favorite Vahanam, Yanai.
Perarulalan is closely associated with yanai. Varadar resides on top of Hasthigiri. Hasthi, in sansrit means elephant. Some say that Iravadam, elephant of Indira that appeared during the churning of the milky ocean, took the form of the hillock. It was our Varadar, who rushed to save Gajendaran (king of elephant) from the claws of the crocodile. It is only appropriate for our Varadar to ride on the elephant that he has rescued.   The yanai in the vahanam is very unique. You would only see the elephant from his thy upwards, in all other temples you could have the gimps of the complete leg of the yanai, as the lower parts of the legs are under water. Perarulalan’s beauty in this Vahanam is unparallel. Swamy Desikan in his Thiruchinamaalai has praised the beauty of this Vahana purappadu by saying “Aanai pari mel Azhagar Vanthar”.

Photos taken during yesterday evening can be seen below: (More photos to be updated soon)






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