Kanchi Brahmothsavam – Venugopalan Thirukolam


On the sixth day morning, 4th of June 2012 of the Brahmotsavam  Varadar blessed us all in Venugopalan Thirukolam. This Thirukolam is one of the most beautiful thirukolam. In this thirukolam, Varadar plays the flute and mesmerizes all of in addition to the cow and calf. The Thiruvadi are placed in an artistic fashion, portraying a relax person enjoying the venu ganam of his flute. The flute is similar to the shankam as they both have sambhandam with Thiru adharam. I have no words to describe the pin azaghu, particularly, in this thiru kolam, adiyen would leave you to enjoy the beauty. Varadar has decorated his sowri with a little peacock feather and this would sway as he moves around, that is a wonderful sight. On the third day of Davana utsavam also, Varadar, in the evening would be in Venugopalan thirukolam, only exception is that then the cow and calf are not by his side. 

Text writeup- Thanks to Shri Kousik Sarathy, Photos thanks to Shri Kesava Bhasyam

Photo taken during the utsavam can be seen below

Click on the first image to view it as a slide show


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