Thiru Vithuvakkodu


Five archa-vigrahas temple near Pattambi

Located about 5kms South of Pattambi off the Palghat- Shoranur- Kozhikode rail route is the Uyyavantha Perumal divya desam in Thiru Vithuvakkodu (Thirumittacode in Malayalam), right on the western banks of Baratha Puzha River.

The story
Pandavas in their exile are said to have stayed here and undertaken penance. Arjuna, Dharmaputra, Bheemasena and Nakula/Sahadeva created an archa-vigraha each for their daily poojas at this temple. The main Moolavar deity was installed by Arjuna.

Dharma Raja installed the archa-vigraha to the right of the main deity as did Nakula and Sahadeva. Bheema installed the archa-vigraha of Vishnu to the left of Uyyavantha Perumal.


Another story goes that Kasi Viswanathar who was impressed with a rishi’s penance accompanied the rishi to this temple, finding a small place for himself in the umbrella taken by the rishi.

On arriving here, the rishi went for a bath at the river. After his bath, he found the umbrella broken and found a swayambu archa-vigraha of Lord Shiva at this place. Later, a separate temple was built for Shiva. Hence, this place is referred to as the ‘5 archa-vigrahas’ temple.



On the Vaikasi Mrigaseesham day- Kalababhishekam

Azhvaar Praise

In his verse 692, the Kerala born Kulasekara Azhvaar praises the Vithuvakodu Lord thus:

வெங்கந்தின் களிர்டர்த்தாய்
விற்றுவக் கோட்டம்மானே
எங்கு போ யுய்கேனுன்
இணையடியே யடையள்ளல்லால்

எங்கும் போய்க் கரை கானா
தெறிகடல் வாய் மீண்டேயும்
வங்கத்தின் கூம்பேறும்
மாப்பறவை போன்றேனே

Quick Facts

Deity : Uyavantha Perumal South Facing Standing Posture
Goddess : Vithuvakottu Valli, Padmaasini Thaayar
Azhvaar : Kulasekara Azhvaar-10 paasurams (688-697)

Temple Time : 5am-1030am and 5pm-8pm

Priest : Ravichandran and Ramachandran Embranthari
Tel No. : 98460 92853
Address : Thirumittacode PO, Kootanad Via, Palakkad Dist 679 533

How to reach:

On the Chennai-Palghat-Kozhikode rail route, get down at Pattambi station (about 10kms West of Shoranur Junction)

An auto from Pattambi Railway Station to this Divya Desam (about 7kms) and back will cost Rs.80-100/-.

From Coimbatore, one can reach this place by driving(about 110kms) via Palghat, Ottapalam, Shoranur and Pattambi. Very Good road

One can combine the visit here with Thiru Navai(about 25kms from here)

Source : prtraveller


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