Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 57

“utthamar pORRum utthaman”
“utthamar pORRum utthaman”


வேறு எந்தவிதமான தேவதைகளையும் அணுகாமல், அவை மூலம் பெறும் பயன்கள் எதனையும் விரும்பாமல், திருவரங்கத்தை தான் வாசம் செய்யும் இருப்பிடமாகக் கொண்ட பெரியபெருமாளின் திருவடிகளை மட்டுமே சிலர் அண்டியபடி உள்ளனர். இப்படிப்பட்டவர்களை தனது அனைத்து விதமான உறவினர்கள் என்று கொள்ளும் உத்தமராக எம்பெருமானார் உள்ளார். இப்படிப்பட்ட எம்பெருமானாரை அறிவில் சிறந்தவர்கள் – ஸ்ரீமாந் அவிரபூத் பூமௌ ராமானுஜ திவாகர:, ராமானுஜபத அம்போஜ ஸமாச்ரயண சாலிந:, ஸத்யம் ஸத்யம் புந: ஸத்யம் யதிராஜோ ஜகத்குரு, ஜயதி லக்ஷ்மணோயம் முனி: வாழி யதிராசன் வாழி யதிராசன் – என்று பலவாறு போற்றியபடி உள்ளனர். இந்த எம்பெருமானாரை, இருள் தரு மா ஞாலம் என்றுள்ள இந்த உலகத்தின் நான் அண்டினேன். இவ்விதமாக அவரை அடைந்த பின்னர், எனது அறியாமை அனைத்தும் எங்கு சென்றது என்பதை நான் அறியவில்லை.

There may be some who praise the Lord and can be better and grander than Ramanuja… why do I say that there is none equal to Ramanuja? aDiyaarkku ennai Atpaduttha vimalan- says ThiruppaaNaazhwaar. He is the One who has enslaved me to the devotees of the Lord RanganAthan. I am the servant of servant of His servant; I am the dust at the feet of Bhagawathas. . Says Kulasekara azhwaar. Ramanuja strictly follows these wonderful esoteric statements of AzhwArs’ and consider Himself as BhAgawatha dAsar. He alone is thus the Grandest and the Peerless One. There is none equal to him. EmperumAnAr considers these Bhaagawathaas as bandhus. In this world, for me, there is NONE equal to him at all. In this matter, I am not an anjnAni [do not have wrong knowledge or lack of knowledge]


Utthama purushar- Srivaishnavas consider only serving the Beautiful ParamabhOgya Lotus feet of Sri RanganAthan of Sri Rangam, and nothing else. They consider only such like minded Bhagawathas as their relation and companion. They consider only SaraNAgathy tatvam (doctrine of surrender) as the only dharmam that needs to be followed. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya is praised wholeheartedly by such great Sri vaishnavas, for his greatest merciful nature and kalyANA guNAs. I am not so stupid and foolish to think that there is something or someone else that I should take refuge at than what I am presently blessed with- the Bhagyam of having Sri Ramanuja with me. That foolishness shall not bloom in me. Not any more.

maRu oru pERu madhiyaadhu– Not considering any other goal as the Ultimate one to be attained [other than]
arangan malaradikku– the fresh bloomed red Lotus feet of Lord RanganAthan
aaL utravarae– those [BhAgawathAs] who associate themselves with these lotus feet
thanakku utravar aa koLLum- utthamanai– are considered as the close relation by this GRANDEST One
naRRavar pORRum Iraamaanusanai– Ramanuja who is praised by these bhAgawathaas [who are mentioned above]
e naal nilatthae peRRanan– blessed to be with him- who is the only BEST ONE in this four parts of vast world [kuRinji, marudham, meydhal, mullai] maRRu oru pEdhaimai aRiyEn- I would not have any other thought against this. .[and if I have that, that would be foolish of me].

This reminds me of Madhurakavi AzhwAr’s anbanaay adiyEn sadhirtthEn inRE… [from Nampillai and Namjeeyar VyAkhyAnams from Sri TCA Venkatesan’s wonderful postings] adiyEn: Madhurakavi Azhvar used the words naan and en (me and mine) during the time when he coveted his body and soul, but now that he has gained the true knowledge he states adiyEn.

sathirththEn inRE: Madhurakavi Azhvar states that reaching the Lord does not complete the journey; reaching Nammazhvar is what completes the journey. He prides in the fact that his journey is now complete because he who was attached to several other things is now attached to Nammazhvar. Madhurakavi Azhvar has exemplified the notion of calling one’s acharya as complete (nambi/ pUrna) and calling one’s self as adiyEn (in their service).



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