Lord Aprameyan, Lord Navaneetha Krishna – Doddamallur


In this Kshetram it is said that the Childless couples who pray to Ambegal Krishna will be blessed with an issue. This is a Divya Kshetram and a Punya Bhoomi. The verdant greenery, Punya Theerthams, the temple complex and its avaranams all provide for an atmosphere conducive for religious piety.


Sri Navaneetha Krishnan

There was once a rich woman, who resided in Bhadrachalam, on the banks of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. She lost her vision. Our Navaneetha Chora appeared in her dream and asked her to come to Dodda Mallur and do seva to him following which she made enquiries about this place and reached Mallur. She prayed Sri Krishna day in and day out. The Lord then restored her eyesight. From that day on, she would adorn the temple and sanctorum entrances with Kolam (Rangoli) and worship him. Even though she was rich, she lead an austere life. She would subsist on alms from which she would still save some amount of money for Lord Krishna. The little Krishna would then appear in her dreams and ask her for jewelry. She would then have the jewelry made as per the Lord’s demands and offer it to him . She renovated the Garbha Griham, Maha Dwaram, etc. She attained the lotus feet of the Lord doing seva to Him, all her life.

Sri Apraymeyan with Nachimars and Sri Ramanujar

Another incident occurred about one hundred and thirty years ago when the then Maha Raja of Mysore came to have the darshan of Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli & Krishna at Mallur. He was so attracted to the lovely archa-vigraha of Lord Krishna that he took the same to his palace! The same night he had a vision in which Lord Krishna ordered him to return Him back to the temple at Dodda Mallur, failing which great harm would befall him. Unfortunately, the Raja did not heed the words of the Lord as a result of which a portion of his Palace was consumed by fire. The Raja was then forced to restore the archa-vigraha back in the temple of Mallur.

Story behind the name of the Kshetram

An interesting story to illustrate how this place got the name as Mallur. Once a King named Sarangadara’s was there and his enemies cut the limbs and threw it in the Nirmala river which ran nearby, Even thought suffering from severe pain he chanted the Bhagavatha nama continuously, and moved towards the temple, then he got a darshan of Divya Jyothi and with Lord grace his limbs grew back to original form, (Growing in Tamil is Mulaithathu), since limbs grew it got its name as”MULAITHOOR” in Tamil and as time passed the Mulaithoor became Mallur.Lord Aprameya was worshipped by King Vijyapala in Krutha Yuga, Sage Kanva in Thretha Yuga, Sage LambhaShrava in Dwapara Yuga and Vigyanaeshwara in Kali Yuga. Sage Kapila who was Sriman Narayan’s Amsa made Common people understand Lord Aprameya’ s Kalyana Gunas and gave Upadesha to attain Mukthi. It is believed that even today the Sage Kapila, Sage Kanva are staying here and worshipping lord Aprameya. Once temple is locked by priest in the night after Arthjama, we can hear the sound of door opening in Garbha Gruha and temple bell rings, which indicated the Amara Jeevi sages, are praying Lord Aprameya in ekantha.


There are many sannadhis in the temple. The presiding deity is Sri Ramapreya Swamy. The other sannadhis are

– Sri Aravindhavalli Thayar
– Sri Navaneetha Krishna
– Sri Vaikuntanatha swami
– Alwars
– Sri Ramanuja
– Sri Koorathazhwar
– Sri Vedantha Desika
– Sri Pillai Lokacharya
– Sri Manavala Mamuni

Punya Theerthams in and around the temple:

To the East of this place flows the Nirmala River. It is also known as Kanva Nadhi as Sage Kanva performed Poojas and Homams on its banks. It is believed that a person who takes a dip in its holy waters will be rid of his Panchamahapathakas. This river also wields the power to cure stomach ailments.

Shambhu Theertham is at the southeastern direction.

The Well in the Northwestern corner of the temple carries water that is pure as Sphatika and tastes very sweet. The same water is used for the Lord’s Thirumajanam, Thirtha Prasadam and naivedyam.

Vishnu Theertham is also in the Northwestern direction of the temple but outside its precincts. Lore has it that Goddess Maha Lakshmi was born in a Lotus flower in this punya Theertham and hence this Theertham is also known as Kamala Theertham.

To the North East of the temple devotees can find Brahma Theertham.


Mallur has festivities lined up for every month of the year. Here is the list of festivals celebrated in this temple:

Bramhotsavam: In the Month of Mesha masa (April-May ), the annual, 10 day Bramhotsavam festival takes place to celebrate the birth of the Lord . It is an event that draws a huge gathering from far off places. On the last (10th) day of the celebrations, (Sukla Paksha, Hastha Nakshatram) Lord Aprameya’s Bramharathotsavam takes place. A culturally significant fact of this occasion is that on the Rathothsavam day, local Muslim families donate Cardamoms, cloves and scented articles to the Lord.

During Bramhotsavam days pilgrims are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner FREE of charge.

Dolotsavam: It starts on Prathama Ekadashi in the month of June-July and runs for five days.

ThiruAdi Pooram: In the moth of July-August celebrates the birth of Sri Godha devi (a consort of Vishnu and one of the 12 alwars of Sri Vaishnavism).It is observed for 7 days in the Thayar Sannidhi.

Sri Krishna Jayanthi: In the month of August-September, the birthday of ambégal (navaneetha) Krishna is celebrated with pomp and gaiety.

Pavithrotsavam: It is held over four days in the month of September.

Navarathri Utsavam: This is observed for 10 days in the month of September – October.

Deepavali Utsavam , Pushpa Brindavana Utsavam and Krithikai Deepotsavams are held in October-November ( karthika masam)

Dhanurmasa Utsavam: The Lord is adorned with different alankaras every day of this hindu calendar month in December. For the last ten days of this month, one can participate in adhyayana utsavams in the morning and Kotarothsavam in the evening.

On Shankaranthi day (January 14th), Bhagavan goes around the temple precincts on his Garuda Vahanam.

Rathasapthami day (February):Surya Mandala rathotsavam takes place on this auspicious day.

Panguni Utthiram (March) which is the birthday of Goddess Mahalaksmi is celebrated in Aravindavalli Thayar’s Sannidhi for three days.

Sri Rama Navami Utsavam (March-April) to celebrate the birth of Sri Rama is observed for ten days.

Besides these annual events, the temple conducts utsavams on every Dwadashi (day time) on a fortnightly basis. The devotees can take part in the weekly utsavams held every Friday, in the evening.

Quick facts
Moolavar: Sri Aprameyan
Thayar: Aravindavalli Thayar

Temple timings: 8 Am to 12.30 Pm, 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm

For Local assistance in matter of temple ( Like Pooja, Abhishekam, Vennai kappu to Ambegal Krishna, Accommodation, Prasadam, etc) following persons will be too glad to help you.

Sri Embar Venu : (Chairman of Temple appointed by Government) 080 – 27200015 or mobile : 9448077348

Sri Venu Uncle is very helpful and please feel free to contact him.

Sri Radhakrishna Bhattar: 080 – 27200030 or Mobile : 9448058057

Jai Sri Krishna Charitable Trust run by Dr.R.S.Varadaraj is also doing yeoman services , he is available at 27200024 / 27200022 / 27200023. He can also be approached for accommodation

If pilgrim’s want to stay in Dodda Mallur, there are rooms available in Sri Rama Temple and also With Sri Krishna Charitable trust for lodging purposes where meals is provided FREE of cost.

How to reach Doddamallur?

About 60Kms from Bangalore, on the Mysore – Bangalore Highway (one mile from Channapatna), the tall tower of a famous temple peeking through the swaying coconut palms seems to beckon your attention. The highway road sign identifies the place as Mallur Agrahara. The curious traveler who pulls over to explore this tower, would have reached the temple of Lord Aprameya, His Consort Aravindavalli and the renowned ‘Ambegal’ Krishna.

Dodda Mallur is well connected by rail, road and air. There are plenty of trains which run from Bangalore and Mysore which stop over at Channapatna from where the pilgrim can access the temple by local modes of transportation (the popular Auto rickshaw, etc.).

It is just off the state highway that connects the two famous metropolises of Karnataka- Bangalore and Mysore. Plenty of buses service this route for those dependent on public transportation. One can even avail of taxi services from Bangalore to get here.

The nearest airport is the Bangalore International airport which services domestic and international connections.

If travelling by bus, most of the Bangalore-Mysore buses stop at Channapatna. Take an auto from there to the temple and back.

Source: Temple Website (doddamallurtemple.net)


  1. Nice article, thanks for the same. We had been to Dodamallur, its a divine keshtra and Shri Navaneetha Krishnan has blessed us with a child after we had his darshan. Its said that powerful yanthras are kept under Shri Navaneetha Krishnans peetam. These yanthras will nullify any doshams that a childless couple have. All you have to do is to visit him and pray for a child and visit him again with your child after it’s born. Between that time, have his picture at home and offer him butter + chant Krishnashtakkam daily with thidha bakthi, rest Shri Navaneetha Krishna will take care.

    Its also believed that Shri Purandaradasar had composed his most famous Jagadhodharana here at Doddmallur referring to Shri Navaneetha Krishna. If you carefully see the lyrics you can also find Aprameyas name in that. There is a mantappam in front of the temple, where Shri Purandaradasar stood and sang this Song.

    It’s very easy to reach this divine kshetra from Bangalore. Please visit without fail and get blessed by divine couple.

  2. as suggested by astrolger, I want to plant – NAVAL PALAM TREE PLANT( BLACK BERRY) in the precints of the temple. is it allowed. I will pay necessary kanikkai. It is required to be done to get out of putra dosha ( pariharam). can anybody help me. if so please mail me or contact me over phone – 9176613242 – chennai

  3. We are one of the unfortunate childless couples. We came to know about this temple miracles. So please suggest what special pooja we have to perform and what time we have to be in temple for that pooja

  4. Hi
    I am from tamilnadu. I am going to visit the temple on 28th January 3017. We want to pray for baby. Please let us know any special pooja is held . Kindly help us with details what we should get while visiting the temple. Waiting for your reply. Kindly do the needful.

    Thank you

  5. Hello – We would like to visit this temple during January 26 2018. I went through the accommodation details from web and found that Sri Krishna Charitable trust provides the accomodation. Can you please share the accommodation details and the contact person to book the rooms. Thank you and awaiting your response.

  6. Doddamallur is my native place and i belong to the family, My grand father name was Prativaadibhayankar Ramanuja Iyengar and my father Late P.R.Aprameyan Iyengar I have gone through the information mentioned and very much thankful for the same.



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