Today Tirumalai Ananthalwan Thirunakhsathram


Today (04 May 2012) Swamy Anandhazhwan Thirunakhsathram

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Thirumalai Ananth Alwan was born in a place known as Sriruputtur (Present day it is known as Kirangur) near Melkote and Srirangapattinam on the Constellation of star Chithirai in the month of Chithirai. He is considered as an Amsam of Adisesha. It is said just as Lord Took the form of Nara and Narayana in Badrikashrama as Disciple and teacher respectively, similarly Adisesha also took the form of Ramanuja and Ananth Alwan .He became the disciple of Bhagavath Ramanuja and he was deeply attached to Bhagavath Ramanuja.

One day When Acharya Bhagavath Ramanuja was doing the Kalakshepam on Thiruvai Mozi of Nam Alwar and he was referring to Enthai Thanthai verses ,about the flowers worship of Lord of Thiruvenkata Hills etc and He wanted one of his disciples to go to Thiruvenkata Hills and do Pushpa Kainkaryam to his Lord ,none of the disciples volunteered due to prevailing condition at Thirumalai in those days.( Climatically it was very cold , it was dense forest infested with wild animals etc. seeing nobody coming forward our Thirumalai AnanthAzvAn undertook to settle down at ThriumalA and perform Kainkaryam there to ThriuvEnkatamudaiyAn at the behest of Sri RamAnujA. Acharya was so pleased that he hugged him and told neer Alavo An Pillai (Anantha the Man) and he was known as Thirumalai AnanthAnpiLLai.

As is known the relentless kainkaryam Sri Anantha piLLai rendered to ThriuvEnkatamudaiyAn made EmpeurmAn to appear him before a boy and play with him. It is said that the Lord used to have conversation with him. The crow bar which Sri AnanthAzvAn used is still placed near the temple entrance.

ThriuvEnkatamudaiyAn visits Sri AnanthAzvAn thOttam two days in a year. One on the ThriuvAdip pUranm day and one at the fag end of the brahmOtsavam. On this day EmpeurmAn goes anticlockwise -bAk savAri ( APradakshina , this to commemorate the crow bar incidence).


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