Today chittirai month Kartigai, Thirunakshatram of Sri Uyyakondar


Today is the Thirunakshatram of Sri Uyyakondar (PUNDARIKAKSHA). Sri Uyyakondar was a primary sishya of Sri Nadhamunigal who was 63 years younger to Sri Nadhamunigal born in prabhava year (886 A.D , Kali 3987) chittirai month krittigai star, Wednesday. He was born as Sri Jayathsenar – a nithyasuri amsam at Thiruvellarai.

As ordered by his master, Sri Natha Muni, he escorted Aravindap Paavai, Sri Natha Muni’s wife to her parent’s home. There, the womenfolk known as Vangipurathu Aachis made him sit in an open space called ‘Muttram’ and eat stale remnants of food left over. Pundarikaksha partook the same with relish as it was food offered to him by the Parijanas ( those dear to) of his Acharya. “Tad Uchishtam Sukhaavaham” . On his return, he felt greatly elated when he narrated the incident to his Acharya. The Acharya was overwhelmed and exclaimed ” Nammai Uyyak Kondeero?”-Oh ! You came to redeem me?”. From then on, he came to be known as Uyyak Kondaar.(PPM)

In Sloka 6 of Yathiraja Saptadhi, Swami Desika praises him thus:

Namasyaaam Aravindaaksham Naatha Bhaave Vyavasthitham | 
 Suddha Satva Mayam Soureh Avataaram Iva Aparam || 
(meaning) Lord Krishna was the ‘Sarva Loka Natha’. His Tirumeni is of Suddha Satva. His eyes are lotus-like. Uyyakkaondar fully understood the ‘Tiru Ullam’ of Sri Nathamuni and lived up to it. This is possible only for one who is full of Sattva Guna untainted by Rajo and Tamo gunas. Also, the name Pundarikaksha (Lotus- eyed) refers to Lord Krishna. He looked as if Lord Pundarikaksha of Tiruvellarai himself was reborn as Uyyak Kondaar. He was a renowned dialectician. A passage from his work is quoted by Swami Desika in his Satadushani.

His Tanian runs as follows: (SAA.p200)

Namah Pankaja Netraaya Naathasree Paadha Pankaje |  
Nyastha Sarva Bharaayaa Asmath Kula Naathaaya Dheemathe | 
(meaning) Salutations to the lotus eyed master, who is the leader of our Kula at whose lotus feet we can cast all our burdens.


  1. Sri :
    Dear Swamin,
    adiyEn read the following verses where the reason Pundarikakshar got the name Uyyakondar is stated differently. Kindly let us know.


    Sri Uyyakondar

    Sri Uyyakondar was a primary sishya of Sri Nadhamunigal along with Sri Kurukai Kavalapar. Sri Nadhamunigal gave the duty of spreading Sri Vaishnavam through his two main disciples.
    Sri Nadhamuni had two important treasures with him. (1) The secret of Bhakti Yoga to attain praapthi (This will save the Abyhasaha. ie., practicing person) and (2) Nalayira Divya Prabhantham. When Sri Nadhamuni turned to ask Pundareekaakshar, he immediately replied, “Pinam kidaka manam purivar undo???”(ie, Will anybody marry when there is an occurrence of death in the residence?). He meant that when the entire world seems to be doomed in Samsaaram (Dhukka Suzhalai !), what is the use for just one soul alone reaching the Lord by practicing Bhakti Yoga. Hence he told Sri Nadhamuni,”Let whatever happens to me let it happen, but please teach me the secret that can deliver the entire world to the Lord”.
    Nadhamuni unable to explain the generosity shown by Pundareekaakshar, praised his determination and kindness towards mankind and said “Neerae ulagayum ulagi udaya Sriman Narayananyum Avanai sollum Arulisaelaikalayum avatrai paettra adiayenayum Uyyakondavar” (ie., You are the only one who came to redeem the world and The Lord who has the world and the holy hymns which praise The Lord and myself who preach those hymns).


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