Samprokshanam of Srinivasa Perumal temple at Navalpakkam


The Word “naaval” in tamil means “victory” and “paakkam” means” the place where the kings reside“. In this context, the residents of this place sail always in victory due to the abundant knowledge they possess. In sanskrit, the place is called as “Jambupuram” Many vedic scholars with great gyana, vairagya and anushtanams have lived in this holy village. They have been given the title “Chathurveda Chathakruthu” and hail from the lineage of Sri Nathamuni. Srinivasa perumal temple here was constructed by Sri Ayya Kumara Tatadesikan in 16th century,who was rajaguru for Thanjore king dynasty . Even today, you can notice at Kumbakonam Sarangapani temple, a separate sannadhi for Sri Ayya Kumara Thathadesikan(opposite to thayar sannadhi).This was built by the king,to pay tribute to his knowledge.

The temple at NPKM is more than 350 years old.In earlier days the sevarthies visiting the temple was very less due to lack of travel and lodging facilities. This problem is presently minimised due to increased transportation / communication facilites available there. Also, there are adequate basic facilities for the sevarthis visiting Navalpakkam. The temple is surrounded by agraharam, gaganda mandapam and a purshkarini (tank) nearby. The calm atmosphere prevailing there is definitely a place for bhagavathas to relax in from the fast and mechanical life. Recently, there is also a “Kannadi Arai” in the temple.

Besides, there is Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar utsavar vigraham. It is strongly belied that by worshiping to Lord Hayagreevar of the temple, He will shower His blessings for the children’s education and knowledge.


Navalpakkam is a small village located at North Arcot District, approx. 100 Kms away from Chennai or 35 Kms from Kancheepuram. The village is 5 kms away from the Wandavasi town. Bhagavathas after reaching Wandavasi, may either go by buses that shuttle between Wandavasi to Dhindivanam or may hire an auto and pay nominal amount of Rs.70/- to reach Navalpakkam Village. The route to main town Wandavasi is given below :

Route 1 : There are direct buses plying from Madras to Wandawasi. The frequency of the bus is every one hour leaving from Chennai Main Bus stand. These buses generally follow the route : Madras – Tambaram – Chingleput – Uttiramerur – Wandavasi. It normally takes 3 hours to reach Wandavasi.

Route 2 : The Bhagavathas may go to Kanchipuram and from there the buses are frequently available to Wandavasi. Many tourists prefer to go in the previous day to Kanchi and visit divyadesa temples there and stay overnight. The next day, after having vishvaroopa darshanam at Varadar temple may visit Navalpakkam. It is also suggested to take a taxi from Kanchi and visit as many divyadesams in Kanchi during morning session and then proceed to Navalpakkam in the noon. On their way, they may visit sevilimedu, salaikinaru, Thennangoor and finally reach Navalpakkam before evening. They can have darshan immediately as the bhattar is staying there itself and return back on the same day to Kanchi for visiting rest of the temples in the evening.

Contact telephone number 0954183-50081, to find out the timings of perumal dharshan or may contact Sri Santhana Bhattar at Navalpakkam (0954183 – 203029) in inform their arrival.

(Wandawasi STD Code :0954183 Bhattar Residence at NPKM : 203029 )

Samprokshanam of Srinivasa Perumal temple at Navalpakkam is scheduled to take place in the coming week and the details can be seen below

Devotees who wish to contribute in the temple Kainkaryam can contact as below:

Axis Bank Saidapet ,Chennai – TN
Customer ID: 835686570,
Scheme Type: SBTRS
CRN : 82090810
Branch id 00781 IFS CODE – UTIB0000781
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