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There are many sthOthrams in praise of our Supreme Mother. ChathusslOki of Swamy AlavanthAr, Sri Sthavam of Swamy KurEsar and Sri Sthuthi of Swamy Desikan, besides Sri Lakshmi Sahasram by Sri VenkatAdhri Kavi, Lakshmi AshtOttharam and Sahasra Naamam.

Sri Sthuthi of Swamy Desikan has 25 beautiful and powerful slOkams that on recitation confers Sarva MangaLams (Ishta Kaamya Siddhi) to the reciter.

This post contains Stotra Paatam/Learning method (Sandhai) for Sri Stuthi. Stotra Paatam has to be done in person with an aacharyan and this audio to be used as a guideline for practicing the stotras.

This  series of Stotra Paatam is rendered by Dr.U.Ve. Satakopa Tattacharya Swami of Thoopul. If you would wish to acknowledge this by contributions and support, please contact Sri Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Vedantha Desikar Charitable Trust, for more details read here:

Recitation without Paatam


Stotra Paatam File for Learners (Click play below to get started)


For detailed meaning of Sri Stuthi visit this link:

To have a detailed introduction of Sri Stuthi visit here


For Pdf version of the Text:  – English – Tamil – Sanskrit









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