Sravana Thirumanjanam to Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva at Parakala Mutt


H.H Srimath Parakala Swami’s Bangalore Vijayam is scheduled between 16.3.2012 to 20.3.2012.

On 18.3.2012 Shravana Thirumanjanam To Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva.

Asthikas in and around Bangalore are requested to make use of this opportunity and have the darshan and blessings of Aacharya and Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva.

Address: Sri Sri Brahmathantra Swathantra Parakala Swamy Mutt,

Tank Bund Road, Opp Bangalore Bus Stand,

Bangalore – 560 009
Contact : (off) 080 – 2287 1557

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More details about Mutt:
News source: srikanth ‘sripuram’


  1. Thirumanjanam on Hayagriva jayanthi on Aavani Thiruvona Star is being conducted by us at Sri Vedantha Desikar annidhi Mylapore since 1972. Usualy 9 kalasams are used for the thirumanjanam, but this year they want to use 49 kalasam for the thirumanajanam. To our knowledge 9 or 108 or 1008 kalasams are in vogue, and when I asked the trustees whether this 49 kalsam has aagama approval they had no answer. Is it possible for your Holy mutt to clarify on this matter.While cost is immaterial for service to God, we feel that it should be an approved practice.


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