Sri Stuthi – 23

Madhyarangam RanganAyaki thAyAr
Madhyarangam RanganAyaki thAyAr

The 23rd slOkam is recited for being blessed with Kaimkarya PrApthi (realization of Service) to the Divine Couple

The key passage of this slOkam is: “Aham YuvayO: DayaayA: yEkalakshyam Jaatha:” (Oh Sri Devi! adiyEn has become the target (key object) of both of Your Dayaa”. Swamy Desikan exults here over the many anugrahams received from the Dhivya Dampathis.

Word by word Meaning:

Devi Thvam mE MaathA asi= Oh PirAtti! You are my Mother.
BhagavAn VaasudEva: PithA asi= EmperumAn with all auspicous gunams is my Father.
Janani ! Sa: aham yuvayO: DayaayA: yEkalakshyam jaatha:= Oh Mother! Myself with You both as my parents has become the key object of both of Your DayA.
Desikairapi Yushmath parijanatayA dhattha:= adiyEn has also been presented by my AchAryans as Your Daasa bhUthan / servant (That is another blessing).
atha= therefore
BhUya: tE priyam kim?= (You seem to be asking) what else would you wish to have? ithi kila smEra vakthrA Thvam vibhAsi= SrI Devi ! It appears as though You are asking me with a smile on Your face as to what other boons I wish to have.

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

You are my Mother and Lord VaasudEva is my Father. I am the sole object of the compassion of both of You. I was entrusted by my AchAryans to both of You as Your servant. Oh Sri Devi! You seem to be asking me with a shining, smiling face: “What
other favours do You want?”.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Divine Consort of the Lord! You are my Mother. EmperumAn VaasudEvan is my Father. I am the one, who was born as Your son as a result of both of Your Dayaa. Further, my AchAryans have presented me as Your daasan (Parijanam / servant) to You. Therefore, You seem to have a smiling face with the query: “What else is there for Me to grant You as additional boons?”

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

Oh PirAtti! Through Your compassionate nature of overlooking adiyEn’s trespasses, You serve as my Mother. Your Lord, who has the intention of correcting me for all my trespasses, stands in the role of my Father. As a result, I have become the key object of both of Your dayaa as You take on the role of my Father and Mother. Thanks to Your grace, adiyEn is blessed to have noble AchAryans. They in turn presented me as Your servant to perform kaimkaryams for You. Oh Mother! When adiyEn looks at Your smiling face, it appears to me that You are asking me the question: Are You contented? What else can I do for you?”. AdiyEn is indeed blessed to have all these soubhAgyams.

To be continued…



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