HH Srimad Azaghiysingars at Tirumala for Annual Utsavams of Annamacharya Vardhandhi & Thiruvenkatamudamudayan Mangalasasanam


HH Srimad Azaghiysingars are reaching Tirumala for Annual Utsavams of Annamacharya Vardhandhi and Mangalasasanam of Thiruvenkatamudamudayan. Annamacharya Vardhandhi has been organised by TTD on March 19, 2012. Srimad Azaghiyasingars are the Chief Guest for the utsavam as Sri Annamacharya is a disciple of Ahobila Mutt. Mangalasasanam of Thiruvenkatamudamudayan by Srimad Azaghiyasingars will take place on March 21,2012.

The following is the programme of the HH Srimad Azaghiyasingars (for assitance call 0877 227940 mentioned in sancharam schedule)

18 March 2012 arrival Tirumala at 18.00hrs at Sri Ahobila Mutt Tirumala
19 March Annamacharya Vardhanthi
20 March at Ahobila Mutt Tirumala
21 March Mangalasasanam Thiruvenkatamudayan
21 March at Noon Departure to Chennai

The following is the picture of gold thirupatham donated to Tirumala Srinivasar by a devotee from Bangalore in February 2012.

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan Swami 

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