Sri Stuthi – 18

ThiruppErnagar kamalAdEvi thAyAr
ThiruppErnagar kamalAdEvi thAyAr

The 18th slOkam is recited for control over one’s roaming Mind (sanchala Manas) for gaining the Moksha sukham:

The key passage if this slOkam is: “Vimala Manasa: tE DayAm aalamBhanthE” Those with blemishless minds hold on to Your DayA as their supporting staff in their life’s journey.

Word by word Meaning:

AmBha!= Oh Mother of the Universe!
VishNu KaanthE!= Oh dear consort of VishNu!
Vimala Manasa:= Those with a pure heart
akhilam kusalam Ureekarthum= for acquisition of all auspiciousness
Aadheen arAdheen jEthum= for winning victory over old enemies (desire, anger et al)
dhuritha nivaham dhUreekarthum= for chasing away the assembly of accumulated sins.
AadhyAm avidhyAm thyakthum= for banishing the ancient nescience (avidhyA) and for gaining all these boons,
tE dayAm AalamBanthE= they hold on to Your Daya as their supporting staff
tE DayA= Your compassion forms the boundary for all on this side of your DayA
sthamBha avadhika janana grAma seemAntharEkhAm= chEtanAchEtanam from the trivial blade of grass to the mighty Brahma and the assembly of entities in between Brahma are the beneficaries of Your DayA. It is for all of them.

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry

Men of pure mind will resort to Your grace, which alone can make them conquer the inner enemies, remove sins, ignorance and rebirth.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy

Oh Lakshmi dear to our Father! Oh Mother of the Universe! Those with pure minds derive their strengths during their dEha yAthrAs by holding on to Your incomparable DayA to (1) gain all auspiciousness (2) win over their ancient enemies of Kaamam and KrOdham (c) destroy their sins and (d) banishing their nescience. Your divine compassion is the boundary for all lines of chEtanams from the blade of grass to the mighty dEvAs.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages

Oh DayA DEvi! If we consider the jeeva Raasis from the tiny blade of grass to the mighty Brahma dEvan as the boundary lines, Your divine dayA shows the land beyond that line (demarcator). Those who have been beneficiaries of Your divine grace through the performance of an appropriate UpAyam, cross the ocean of SamsAram and land in Moksha SaamrAjyam.

To be continued…



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