Sri Kothandaramar Temple – Mudikondan


Sri Kodhanda Rama Temple in Mudikondaan

Mudikondan has a mention in the Valmiki Ramayanam. It was here the ashram of sage Bharadwaja existed and where Lord Ranganatha appeared for Sri Rama. An ancient temple of 2000 years old.

The place visited by Lord Rama on his return from Lanka after sending Hanuman to Bharata to give information of their arraival. The place where Lord Ranganatha, the kula devata (family deity) of Lord Rama manifested at the sincere request of Bharadwaja Maharishi for the sake of Lord Rama. The place where Lord Ranganatha personally coronated Lord Rama with a pushpa kireedam (a crown made of five different Deva Loka flowers).  Rama gave darshan to Sage Bharadwaja with this Mudi (crown) and hence the place is known as Mudikondan.


During his march to Lanka, Sri Rama stayed in the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja for a short while, when the sage wanted to treat the Lord with a feast. Sri Rama politely declined to accept the offer as he was on a mission and promised to accept the same on his way back to Ayodhya. When Rama was returning back after completing his mission, his Pushpaka aircraft landed near the hermitage. Sage Bharadwaja installed Sri Ranganatha for Rama’s puja before the feast.

Generally temples for Rama are constructed facing South so that Vibishana, after his cornonation following the end of Ravana could ever worship Rama in the North. But the Mudikondon Temple is facing east as Bharadwaja Rishi wanted to have a Darshan of Sri Rama with Sita and Lakshmana with his crown. Instead, Sri Ranganatha shrine is installed facing South. The tank is behind the temple. Hanuman shrine is opposite to that of the Lord.

The arca vigraham of Sri Rama is so beautiful with a slight bending holding the bow.


Those praying in this temple are blessed with high education and wisdom. Those desirous of going overseas for higher education visit this temple praying to achieve their aim. Artists aspiring name and fame and special skills seek the blessing of the lord of this temple. Couples separated due to some reason or other get united praying here. Employment opportunities, promotion in job are also the boons Sri Ramachandra ensures to the devotees.

Prayer commitments: 

Besides usual puja offerings, devotees getting their aim fulfilled arrange a procession of the Lord, offering garlands of Tulsi, lighting lamps, special nivedhana and distribute to the visitors.

Quick Facts :

  • Presiding deity : Kothandaramar with Sita at the left and Lakshmana on the right holding the bow Kothandam
  • Perumal : Ranganathar
  • Special shrine : Hanuman
  • Theertham: Ramatheertham
  • Festivals:The third saturday of the Tamil month Purattasi – September-October is festive day with 13 day celebration. The festival concludes with Sita Kalyanam and a procession. Each month, the Punarvasu day, the birth star of Sri Rama is observed in a festive style. The crowd is mor e during Saturdays. Also the new years day both Tamil and English years, are observed.
  • TIMINGS : 6am to 11am and 5pm to 8pm
  • Mudikondon is 20 kms from Mayiladuthurai and 15 from Thruvaroor. Convenient private lodges are available in both places where the devotee visitors can stay and proceed to visit the temple,Mudikondan is in between the Divyadesam of Thirukannapuram and Chirupuliyur in Tiruvarur district Nannilam taluk . Nearest railway station is Mayiladuthurai . Convenient bus facilities are available from the surrounding places.


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