Brahmotsavam at Sri Rangji Mandir, Brindavan


This year Sri Rangji temple would be celebrating  its annual Sri Brahmotsav from 11 March to 20 March. All the devotees along with their families and friends are requested to attend this holy festival and seek the blessings of  Lord Sri Goda-Rangamannar. Please refer to the schedule below to know the date and timings for darshan on different vahanas. Please note that Garuda Vahan is on 13 March and Sri Rath(chariot) on 17 March. Last year’s pics are located here.

Day & Date Vahan
Sunday, 11/03/2012 1. Sri Poornakothi Vahan, Morning from 8.30-10.30 AM
2. Sri Simha Vahan, Evening from 7.30-10.30 PM
Monday, 12/03/2012 1. Sri Surya Vahan, Morning from 8-11 AM
2. Sri Hansa Vahan, Evening from 7-10PM
Tuesday, 13/03/2012 1. Sri Garuda Vahan, Morning from 7-10.30AM
2. Sri Hanuman Vahan, Evening from 7-10PM with fireworks
Wednesday, 14/03/2012 1. Sri Sheshanaga Vahan, Morning from 8-10.30 AM
2. Sri Kalpavrikha Vahan, Evening from 7.30-10.30 PM
Thursday, 15/03/2012 1. Sri Paalki Vahan, Morning from 7AM-2PM
2. Sri Simha Shaardool Vahan 7.30-10.30 PM
Friday, 16/03/2012 1. Sri Kanch ka Viman(Holi), Evening from 4-6 PM
2. Sri Gaja Vahan, Evening 9.30-12 PM
Saturday, 17/03/2012 Sri Ratha Vahan 7.30AM-3PM
Sunday, 18/03/2012 Sri Ashva(Horse) Vahan 7-10.30 PM with fireworks to be followed by Sri Parakal Swami Leela
Monday, 19/03/2012 1. Sri Paalki Vahan, 7.30AM-10.30 AM followed by Pranaya kalah leela
2. Sri Yamuna Snan (Bath in the river Yamuna) in the afternoon 12-3 PM
3. Sri Chandra Vahan, Evening from 8-11.30 PM
Tuesday, 20/03/2012 Sri Pushpa Vahan, Evening 10.30 PM -00.30 AM


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