Sri Stuthi – 15

ThirukkaNNapuram thAyAr
ThirukkaNNapuram thAyAr

The 15th slOkam is recited for the sustenance of the undiminishing wealth. This is one of the famous slOkams of SrI Sthuthi praising the power of Sri DEvi’s KaruNA Kataksham:

(anvya Karamam=Prose order): Devi! Aartha thrANa vrathibhi:, amrutha AasAra neela ambhu vaahai:, ushasi mishathAm ambhOjAnAm antharangai:, apAngai:, yasyAm yasyAm diSi ThvadheeyA: dhrushti viharathE, tasyAm tasyAm sampadh OghA: ahamahamikAm tanvathE.

The key message of this slOkam is, wherever the beautiful glances of MahA Lakshmi roam/rest, the flood of wealth showers in all those directions. The different kinds of wealth compete with each other to be there first.

Meaning according to Dr. M. NarasimhAchAry:

Oh Mother! All prosperities come and rushing, competing with each other as it were, in whichever direction your beautiful, nectarine, lotus-like glances turn.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Oh DEvi! Your glances are like the blossoming red lotus at dawn. They have vowed to protect the afflicted. They are like the blue clouds raining nectar. Whichever directions these auspicious glances fall, in all those directions, the flood of wealth competes with each other to be there first.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

(1) Oh Devi! You are saluted as “MahA VibhUthyai nama:” (the possessor of indescribable Iswaryams), “KalyANa dhAyinyai nama:” (One who grants all kinds of auspiciousness). Your other name is “amrutha dhArA” (one who pours down Her nectrine anugrahams on Her devotees). You are saluted as “Aarthi Naasinyai nama:” (One who has vowed to destroy the sufferings of Your devotees). In consonance with the meaning of these Sahasra NaamAs of Yours, Your most beautiful glances trigger an outpouring of wealth, wherever they fall.

(2) Oh Divine Consort of our Lord! You are an “Aartha-thrANa Vrathy” and as such You are committed to wipe away the tears of Your suffering children. When Your beautiful glances fall on any one of these suffering people, it is like being drenched in the showers of nectar from a rain bearing cloud (amrutha AasAra neelAmBhuvAhairiva).

(3) the glances from those dayA-laden eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower (ambhOjAnAm) blossoming in the morning (ushasi mishathAm) and those glances have a close friendship (antharangai: apAngai:) to the Lotus flower.

4) Those compassionate glances of this Aartha thrANa vrathy roam in all directions to recognize the suffering children of Hers and in whichever directions those glances fall (yasyAm yasyAm diSi viharathy Devi dhrushti: ThvadheeyA), a miracle happens. That miracle is the competitive rushing of the different floods of wealth (SampadhOgA:), wherever Her glances have fallen (TasyAm tasyAm diSi sampadhOgA: ahamahamikAm tanvathE).

5) These different categories of wealth rush to be there first, where MahA Lakshmi’s glances have fallen. “Naann munthy Neen munthy” (ahamahamikAm) is the pattern of the race among these wealths to fulfil the command of their Mistress. May such wealth shower on this important AchArya Thirunakshathra Kaimkaryam with the intercession of SrI DEvi!

To be continued…



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