Kudanthai Ramaswamy


A visit here is said to bring husband-wife unity, affection among brothers and strengthen friendship

Located half a kilometre south of Sarangapani Koil is Pattabhishekar Ramar Temple in Kumbakonam.

Built during the period of Achuta Nayak about 400 years ago, the Ramaswamy temple has each of the brothers (of Rama) in very devoted and respectful postures, ready to serve Rama.

It is said that Saarangan (of Sarangapani Divya Desam) appeared here in the form of Raama.

North facing Rama is a special feature at this temple, not seen in many other temples in India.

Rama is seen with Sita in a sitting posture flanked by Lakshmana who is holding Rama’s bow and waiting for his brother’s orders. Baratha is seen holding a brass umbrella over Rama, almost as to protect him from a hot sun while Shatrughna is fanning Rama.

Unique Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is seen with a Veena in one hand and reading the Ramayana in the other, not seen in any other temple.

Veda Paarayanam and Divya Prabhandham recital is a regular feature at the Ramaswamy temple.

Water Paint story of the Ramayana

One of the highlights of the Ramaswamy temple is the depiction, in the outer prakaram in a three layer format, of the entire Ramayana story sketched beautifully with water paint drawings along with the meaning of each sequence in the story.

Artistic SculpturesIn the mandapam outside the Sanctum, one finds several sculptures depicting historical events in a very artistic form. Some of the sculptures include Trivikrama Avataaram, Sugreeva and Vibheshana Pattabhishekam, Sita Kalyanam and Ahalya Saaba Vimochanam

Parikara Sthalam

It is believed that a visit to the Ramaswamy temple will bring about husband-wife unity, special affection among brothers and strengthen friendship. Belief also is that one’s enemies will go away and will actually become friends if they offer sincere prayers to Ramaswamy at this temple.


Rama Navami Utsavam

10 day Vahanam Utsavam leading up to Rama Navami. Also, the Chariot Festival during Panguni is a popular occasion at this temple.

Navarathri Festival

Grand 10 day festival during Navarathri where the Lord is decorated in different Alankaarams on each day

10 day Kannadi Arai Oonjal Utsavam in Margazhi

Kanupodi Utsavam

On the Kanu day in Thai, Sita from Ramaswamy temple and Vijayavalli Thaayar from Chakrapani temple join Komalavalli Thaayar at the Sarangapani temple for Kanupodi Utsavam

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Pattabhishekar Ramar with Sita in a Sitting Posture facing North
Temple Time : 730am-12noon and 430pm-9pm

How to reach there ?

Auto is available from the Kumbakonam Railway Stations/Bus terminus.




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