Sri Stuthi – 10

Thayar – Thanjai Mamanikkoil
Thayar – Thanjai Mamanikkoil

This slOkam is recited to get freedom from SamsAric Sorrows :

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

You are One with Lord VishNu in thought and action .You follow Him in all His manifestations assuming identical forms. This is like sweetness that is inseparably present in the waves of the milky ocean.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy:

The knowledgeable ones describe You as the dearest friend and co-worker of EmperumAn, who has taken a vow to banish the sorrows of those buffeted by the SamsAric sorrows. It is because of this assistance to the Lord, You take an appropriate form and accompany Your Lord in every one of His avathArams. In this matter, You are like the waves of the Milky Ocean, which retain their sweetness independent of the distance they travel to reach the shore.

Expanded meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Sri V. N. SrIrAma DesikAchAr:

Oh MahA Devi! Your Lord has taken a vow (Vratha dheekshai), (i-e)., to quench the sorrow of anyone, who experiences the SamsAric sorrows. For Him, this act is like a Yaagam, where a dheekshai is taken. It is required that one who performs any Yag~nam has to have his wife (SahadharmachAriNi) next to him during the performance of that Yag~nam. As the dearest consort of Your Lord and as One, who has taken the sankalpam with Him to remove the sorrows of the ChEthanams, You contribute immensely to the successful completion of this Yag~nam. If You were not next to Him, Your Lord could not perform this Yag~nam. VedAs reveal this tatthvam. Your Lord takes on the avathArams of Raama and KrishNa et al. At all those times, You accompany Your Lord as SithA, RukmaNi et al . You assist Your Lord to perform His duties of protection (dharma samrakshaNam). You never ever leave His side. The waves of the Milky Ocean travel a long distance to the shore, where DEvAs stay and pray. Independent of the huge distance these waves travel, the sweetness associated with those waves does not leave them and is always present. Similarly, When Your Lord leaves the distant Sri Vaikuntham to descend to this Karma BhUmi to carry out His missions of any particular avathAram, You take on an appropriate avathAram and assist Him with an identical mind set. The sweetness will not stand disassociated from the Milky Ocean under any circumstance.

ThirukkuRunguDi Nambi with Ubhaya nAchchimAr

Additional Observations on the passages of the 10th slOkam of SrI Sthuthi:

1) “VishNu: Aapanna Aarthi prasamana vidhou bhaddha dheeksha:” Your Lord VishNu has taken a vow to quench the heat of sorrows (Prasamana vidhi) for those who experience danger (Aapath) which in turn leads to suffering (Aarthi). His vow is “Aapanna Aarthi Prasamanam” (Coming to the rescue of those bhakthAs, who are in distress due to the dangers to which they are exposed like GajEndhran).

2) VishNO: ThvAm iykamathya upapannAm Priya-sahachareem Aachakyu: The VedAs reveal that the Lord recognizes You as the dear dharma Pathni (fellow observer of Dharmam as His divine consort) and as One who has identical views on Bhaktha rakshaNam. “Ikamathya upapannAm means” with unison of thought.

3) Thvam dhUra uthkshiptha dhugdharASE: tarangai: madhurathA iva (asi): Oh Sri DEvi! You are like the persisting sweetness of the waves of the milky Ocean, which started from a very long distance to reach the shore. During all that long passage to the shore, the waves of the milky ocean never got disassociated from their intrinsic sweetness.

4) “Thvam PrAthurbhAvai: api sama tanu: prAdhvam anveeyasE”: Oh SrI DEvi! You follow Your Lord in all His avathArams with an appropriate form (“Bhagavan NaarAyaNa abhimatha roopa guNa vibhava aiswarya SeelAdhi anavadhikAthisaya asankyEya KalyANa gunA ghaNAm PadhmAvanAlayAm Bhagavatheem” in AchArya RaamAnujA’s words).

(5) She is anugrahamayee in Her own rights. She is dhurgathi nAsinyai. She is SarvArthi samudhra pariSOshiNyai (One who dries up the ocean of dukkhams). She is SrEyasAm nidhi (Ocean of all MangaLams). She is bhava bhanga apahariNee (destroyer of the bheethi of samsAram). She is dhrushtAdhrushta phala pradhai (One who grants seen and unseen boons). She is Aasritha mAnadhai. She and Her Lord share these attributes and hence are of unified thought (ikamathyam).

6) The 24th slOkam of Sri Lakshmi Sahasram reveals Sri DEvi’s unique contribution for “AapannArthi prasamanam” (Quenching the sorrows of those in dangerous situations). The meaning of this slOkam as given by Sri NavalpAkkam KaNNan Swamy is: “Externally, the sound, light, taste, fragrance and similar vishayams land us in danger. Internally, desire, anger and others expose us to additional dangers. BrahmA and other DevathAs cannot come to our rescue against these dangers.

PerumAl can save us but He cannot be accessed by sinners like us through His AarAdhanam requiring niyamam. For those of us exposed to many such dangers and suffer, Oh Lakshmi, You alone are our refuge. Through Your katAksham (glances) alone, You quench the heat of SamsAric sufferings”.

To be continued…



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