Sri Navaneetha Krishnar 2012 Florida Sancharam

Lord Sri Navaneetha Krishnar 2012 Florida Sancharam.
By the divine grace of Srimad Azhagiya Singars, Sri Ahobila Muth USA is pleased to announce the 2012 Florida Sancharam. Lord Sri Navaneetha Krishnar along with Azhwar and acharyas are visiting Bagavathas homes in the weekends of Feb 24 and 25th  and March 10th and 11th.
Invite for the Sancharam:
 Feb 24 and 25th
 March 10th and 11th
 We request Bagavathas in and around Florida to attend the both events and seek the Blessings of the Lord.  Lunch and dinner served.
The Lord along with HIS parivaram will be travelling to Naples and Tampa and if anyone interested in hosting events in Naples , Tampa area, please contact  718-908-1607


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