Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 27

Sri Yoga Hayagrivar on Sesha Vahanam - Chettipuyam
Sri Yoga Hayagrivar on Sesha Vahanam - Chettipuyam


Oh Lord! May Your dhivya KatAkshams (divine glances) imbued with Your limitless dayA bless me with the powers of eulogizing You! May those sthOthrams serve as nectar for the ears of the listeners! May Those Sri Sookthis confer all auspiciousness on those, who recite them! May adiyEn be blessed with the powers of speech to compose such poems through Your divine grace!

This slOkam is the first of the five slOkams, where Swamy Desikan prays for the Lord’s anugraham to prepare him for the debates ahead in defense of Bhagavath RaamAnuja SiddhAntham. He prays to the Lord for the gifts of Veda Vaak that would empower him to debate the contestants from other mathams with clarity and strength. The wealth requested by Swamy Desikan is the Vaak-Sampath and that is gained by the daya-laden glances of Lord HayagrIvan falling on His UpAsakAs. Swamy Desikan prays for the Vaak-Sampath that would generate nectar in the ears of the listeners (PumsAm srOthrEshu amrutham ksharanthIm) and also bless them to realize all their longings like the wish-granting divine KaamdhEnu (Samsritha KaamadhEnum SarsvathIm sadhA mE disanthu).

Swamy Desikan’s prayer is for the flow of nectarine speech (Vaak amrutham) to defeat the Paramatha Vaadhins (amrutham ksharantheem sarasvatheem sadhA mE diSanthu). May Your dayaa-laden waves of glances generating nectar bless adiyEn always with amrutha Vaak! In the previous slOkam, Swamy Desikan experienced Lord HayagrIvan with his own eyes. Now, he seeks VidhyA sampath form the Lord. Oh Lord! Your glances are “KrupA-kallOla-sahacharA: KaDakshA:” (Your glances are rolling one after another like waves of KrupA) and are like wish granting KaamadhEnu for one, who has surrendered unto You (Samsritha KaamadhEnU). Your KaDakshams generate the flow of nectar (amrutham ksharantheem kaDAkshA:). May those nectarine glances accompanied by Dayaa bless adiyEn with madhura Veda Vaak!


To be continued…


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