Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 26

Sri Hayagrivar
Sri Hayagrivar


Oh Lord HayagrIvA! You gladden the hearts of all scholars (VidhvAns) and destroy the darkness of aj~nAnam with the spotless, white rays emanating from You, while being seated on a newly blossomed, radiant white lotus. When we have the blessings of darsanam of this ThirumEni of Yours, we are reminded of the spotless white hue of the sarath-kaala Chandran (autumn Moon) removing the darkness of the night and making the chakOra birds happy with His rays (moon beams), which is their only food.

Here, the VidvAns (Vidhusha: ) are equated with the proverbial chakOrA birds who anxiously await chandrOdhayam to sustain themselves with the Moon Beams, which are their sole source of nourishment. The Lord is compared to the autumn full Moon seated on a freshly blossomed white lotus radiating blemishless white beams of light from His ThirumEni. The VidvAns are sustained by these white rays of light, originating from the Lord. The nescience of the world is also destroyed by those white rays (visadhai: mayUkai: tamaamsi bhithvA). Lord HayagrIvan is like the spotless white, autumn Moon (sarath ghanE chandramiva sphurantham) seated on a freshly blossomed white lotus (nava puNDarIkE sphurantham). Swamy Desikan states that he visualizes the Lord in this lovely form through his mental eye (thvAm nisAmayE).

In the previous slOkams, Swamy Desikan described the avayava (limbs) soundharyam; now he turns to dhivya MangaLa vigraha soundharya varNanam in this slOkam. “nava puNDareekE (noothna prapulla padhmE) SarathganE chandrimva sphurantham ThvAm nisAmayE”. adiyEn sees with my eyes You (HayagrIvan) as the resplendently shining Moon of a clear autumn night seated on a splendid white lotus. His hue is that of spatikam and with His radiant white hue, He drives away internal and external darkness, doubts, confusions and sorrows. Swamy Desikan states that He has the direct visualization of Lord HayagrIvan as the purest white JyOthi seated on a white lotus.


To be continued…


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