Thiruppallaandu – 5

irudIkEsan – RishikEsan - Thiruval l ikkENi



There are many aNDams (Cosmic Eggs) in the Lord’s creation. There are agents appointed by the Lord to take care of these different aNDams. These agents belong to the aNDak-kulam and are known as aNDAdhipathis. The Supreme Master (adhipathi) for all this aNDak-kulams (aNDAdhipathis) is Sriman NaarAyaNan (aNDak-kulatthukku adhipathi).

One of the duties of the Supreme Master is to come to the help of aNDAdhipathis, whenever their aNdams are threatened by RaakshasAs and asurAs. He destroys the asura and Raakshasa vargam and helps the aNDAthipathis to continue to rule over their aNDams as His appointed agents. The aNDAdhipathis have rulership over their respective aNDams but the Lord is Nikhila ANDAdhipathi, the Emperor of all aNDAdhpathis. He is HrushIkEsan. The destruction of the Asura and Raakshasa kulam by HrushIkEsan is saluted by PeriyAzhwAr as: “aNDakkulatthukku adhipathiyAhi asurar irAkkatharai, iNDakkulatthai yedutthuk-kaLaintha IrudIkEsan”. Our Lord protects the dharmam and preserves the aNDams and their rulership by the aNDAdhipathis. BhagavAn’s Akhila ANDAdhipathithvam stays thus firm and eternal.

Now, PeriyAzhwAr reminds the IswaryArTees that they are also Bhagavath BhakthAs and therefore asks them to banish their thoughts from karmAs that yield alpa (insignificant and perishing) phalans. Please join our group as one belonging to the Kulam with Daasya Buddhi (eternal Servant to the Lord). Join us with the awareness of the good fortune (adhrushtam) arising from Seshathva svaroopa Jn~Anam, place the burden of your protection at the sacred feet of the Lord through Prapatthi anushtAnam and enjoy the BrahmAnandham of Kaimkaryam to Him in His Supreme abode! Recite His thousands of Naamams! Join us in
performing MangaLAsAsanam to Him through the singing of PallANDu to Him! BhOgyathA nAmOccharaNam kuru (Perform Prapatthi first and then with the mind steeped in the bliss of that anushtAnam, recite the thousand names of the Lord).



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