Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 7

SrI HayagrIvar at SrI Ahobila Matam
SrI HayagrIvar at SrI Ahobila Matam

In the seventh slOkam, Swamy Desikan declares that all those Gods and Rishis reputed for their powers of knowledge shine only because of possessing a mere fraction of Lord HayagrIvaa’s prowess as a VidhyA Moorthy.


The pretty-to-behold (ramyA) form of KailAsanAthan (GirIsan) known as DakshiNAmUrthy, the “Goddess of Learning” and the wife of Brahma Devan with the name of Sarasvathi having the white lotus as Her abode and even Sage VyAsA and others famous for their powers of divine Vaak –all of them derive their Saarasvatham (power of divine speech) from a mere fragment of the power of the Adhi VidhyA Moorthy, Lord HayagrIvan.

Lord HayagrIvan is recognized here as the “SarvArtha Tatthva VyAkhyAtha” (the expositor of the comprehensive meanings of all tattvams) and “chathu: shashti KalAdhipan” (the Master of all the 64 kalaikaL). As such, He is the source of all Jn~Anam. Even great ones reputed for their powers of knowledge owe it to Lord HayagrIvan for their high status, since they have been blessed with a tiny portion of the power of VidhyA of Lord HayagrIvan. They have been empowered by a tiny fraction of the full power of the Aadhi VidhyA Moorthy, Lord HayagrIvan.

He is the “Sarva VedAthmakO VidhvAn, Veda-VedAntha Paaraga:, Sarva Saasthrakruth”. He is the “Sarva VaagIsvarEsvaran” (Lord of all gods of Learning). He is asEsha Veda Roopan. He is YathArtha Jn~Ana dhAyakan. His mere katAksham confers visEsha Jn~Anam. Swamy Desikan’s inspiration for this slOkam might have come from one of the slOkams of Sri HayagrIva Prapatthi :

Vijn~Ana dhAna praTithA jagathyAm vyAsadayO vaagapi DakshiNA saa
yadhveekshaNaamsa aahitha VaibhavAstham dEvam HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE”

This slOkam recognizes that Lord HayagrIvan celebrated for His VidhyA dhAnam confers such blessings favorably on great rishis like VyAsA by His VeekshaNa vaibhavam (power of katAksham alone).

In the seventh slOkam, Swamy Desikan adds two more celebrities besides VyAsa BhagavAn, who have been the beneficiaries of such anugraham that made them possess immense powers of VidhyA. These two besides Sage VyAsaa are Lord DakshiNA Moorthy and Devi Sarasvathi. The foremost among those blessed with VidhyA dhAnam is “DaakshiNya ramyA Girisasya Moorthy:”He is the One, who sits under a golden banyan tree. He teaches the highest truth as He understood it from Lord Hayagrivan and teaches it to the four rishis, Agasthyar, Pulasthyar, Dakshar and MarkaNdEyar.

This lovable and Youthful form of Ahirbudhnyan (Parama Sivan) is DakshiNA Moorthy, who is looking southward (DakshiNa disai) like Lord RanganAthA. One of the AzhwArs describes this DakshiNA Moorthy (favorably disposed Moorthy, when it comes to the upadEsam of TatthvArthams) this way:

“aala nizhark keezh aRa neRiyai naalvarkku mElaiyuhatthu uraitthAn meyt tavatthOn”


Under the sprawling Banyan tree sat this youthful MahA purushan of great austerity and He instructed the four eminent older sages about the esoteric tatthvArthams through the medium of mounam (silence).

DakshiNA Moorthy owes his power of “Nikila samsaya haraNa naipuNyam” (Expertise in the removal of all doubts about tatthvams) from his AchAryan, Lord HayagrIvan and goes on to instruct the four great Rishis and others. That power arose from imbibing a fraction of the power (sakthi-lEsam) of His Lord, Sri HayagrIva BhagavAn.

The second beneficiary of Lord HayagrIvA’s anugruham is Devi Sarasvathi: “Devi SarOjAsana dharma pathnee”. She is the wife of Lord BrahmA seated on the red lotus arising out of the navel of the Lord. She is Pusthaka DhAriNi (a book on Her hand) and has a japa malai on the other hand reciting perhaps Sri HayagrIva manthram. She is seated on a white lotus like Her AchAryan.

The third beneficiary is VyAsa BhagavAn. Swamy Desikan salutes Sage VyaasA’s celebrated Vidvath with the words “Vyapadesya Vaacha:” (those with most laudable power of Vaak). Swamy Desikan includes others sages like ParAsarar (the author of VishNu PurANam) and VaalmIki (author of the Aadhi Kaavyam) with the use of the word, “VyAsadaya: sarvEpi” (Sage VyaasA and others). They all shine as great repositories of learning and wisdom due to the possession of a mere fragment of the power of Lord HayagrIvan, their AchAryan. Swamy Desikan declares here that “SarvE tava sakthi-lEsai: spuranthi”. Swamy Desikan states that all great ones known for their Vaak siddhis shine only through the absorption of a speck of the matchless VidhyA-blessing power of Lord HayagrIvan.

Swamy Desikan cites Lord DakshiNA Moorthy, Devi Sarasvathi and VyAsaadaya: as examples of such great souls blessed by Lord HayagrIvan.

Swamy Desikan referred to the help given by Lord HayagrIvan to BrahmA in a time of crisis in the eighth slOkam. In the 9th slOkam, he refers to the help given by the Lord HayagrIvan to the Deva Guru, Brahaspathi, whose mind vacillated from true Jn~Anam at one time.

It will be useful to understand the credentials and ancestry of Brahaspathi first. The name Brahaspathi means the great teacher and refers to intellect and speech. He is the son of AngIrasa prajapathi, one of the ten offsprings of BrahmA’s mind. Angiras (the power of enlightenment) and his wife SraddhA (devotion) had four sons: Agni (Fire God), Samavartaa (cosmic revolution), Utathyaa (Pervading truth) and Brahaspathi (the great teacher). Like his father Angiras, who is a teacher of Brahma VidyA, Brahaspathi is known for his intellect and power of speech (Vaak) and became the AchAryan for the DevAs just as SukrAchAryan (son of Bhrigu) became the teacher for asurAs. Bruhaspathi is the Lord of Dhanur and Meena Raasi. Brahaspathi’s son is Sage BhaaradhvAjA (sky Lark). Thus Bruhaspathi is of impeccable ancestry and progeny.

Brahaspathi is known also as the teacher of JyOthir Vij~nAnaa (astrology and astronomy). Rg Vedam X.72 dealing with the beautiful aspects of creation has Brahaspathi as the Rishi. He is visualized in manthra saasthrAs as being seated on his chariot called Neethi GhOshA (the roar of law) and controlling the movement of the planets.

Brahaspathi is the author of “Brahaspathi SamhithA”, which contains a large collection of the teachings of the teacher of DevAs. It is considered that the atheistic philosophy attributed currently to ChaarvAkA was originally developed by Brahaspathi with the intention of discouraging the antigods (asurAs) from performing Yaj~nAs, DhAnam and Tapas to acquire godlike powers.

Even with such impeccable credentials, Brahspathi gets himself in to trouble in interpreting dharma saasthrams. His mind gets muddled on those occasions. He ends up being the creator of CharvAka matham or the materialistic system, which totally denies the existence of God. During that occasion, Lord HayagrIva intervened and became the AchAryan to the AchAryA of the DevAs and saved both Bruhaspathi and his disciples from following the wrong path. Swamy Desikan says that Lord HayagrIvan put an end to the oscillations (waverings) of the mind of Bruhaspathi, which in turn stopped the oscillations (instability) of the kingdoms of the DevAs. Lord HayagrIvA rescued Brahaspathi by dispelling his vitharkams (wrong logic) that led to his founding of the ChaarvAka matham. He regained Brahma Jn~Anam and thereby accepted Lord HayagrIvan as his timely protector and Lord.


To be continued…


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