thiruppaavai maaNaadu,Thiruvallikkeni Vaanamamalai Mutt


As in the past, Srivaramanga Nachiar Baktha Sabha organised the annual event of திருப்பாவை மாநாடு (thiruppaavai maaNaadu) on the first Sunday of January at Thiruvallikkeni Vaanamamalai Mutt. Several vidwaans were invited for this program to give lectures. Thiruppaavai recitation competition was also conducted for young kids.

A couple of inspirational sights this year is as follows:

First, atleast a few 2 year old kids who can barely speak a sentence together, came for the competition to challenge 4/5yr old children to recite atleast one full paasuram in their very raw மழலை (mazhalai).

Second, atleast 10-15 boys and girls from a near by school (where the teachers train these kids) and get them to compete in this competition. The beauty is these kids have no vaishnava sambhandham (except for the teachers probably) – still they would come out and chant very clearly and nicely ஆன்டாளின் அமுத வாக்குக்கள் (aandaaLin amutha vaakkukkaL). Somehow unknowingly they also accumulate அஜ்ஞாத ஸுக்ருதம் (ajnYaatha sukrutham) – through which they become target for Emperumaan’s grace. Remember how Emperumaan shows his mercy to jeevatmaas – ஸ்ரீவசன பூஷன திவ்ய ஸாஸ்த்ர வார்தைகள் – என் ஊரைச் சொன்னாய், என் பேரைச் சொன்னாய், etc (srIvachana bhUshana dhivya saasthra vaarthaigaL – en Uraich chonnaay, en pEraich chonnaay, etc). This is what Andaal is doing – she induces everyone to be part of Emperumaan’s grace. Some of hese kids also ended up winning prizes (as they deserve anyway). Participation certificates was given to all during the prize distribution ceremony.

Separately, a notable event during this Margazhi was that at 6 year old boy, Chiranjeevi Elayavilli Satajit, who comes from a illustrious family of vidwans, conducted Thirupavai upanyasams in Thiruvallikeni Nampillai sannithi. This what thirupaavai can do – it reaches every one and can make a vidwaan even out of a playful child!

Courtesy: Sri Sarathy Thothathri Swami



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