Sri Goda Stuthi – 26

Sri Andal, Hidathale, Karnataka
Sri Andal, Hidathale, Karnataka

Here, Swamy Desikan describes how Godhai becomes the nectarine river that removes all the SamsAric afflictions of the suffering jeevans. The blessed ones quell their SamsAra tApams by performing SaraNAgathy to You, who has incarnated in AchArya roopam through Bhagavath krupA.

The key words of this slOkam are: “Santha: ThvAm prapathya achirEna tApAn Samayanthy” The MahAns perform SaraNAgathy to You (immerse in Your nectarine flow) and immediately quench their samsAric taapams (heat, afflictions). What is the nature of this nectarine flow? It is “dhourgathya dhurvisha vinAsa sudhA nadhi”. It is a life saving nectraine pravAham (SudhA nadhi). What kind of life saving does it accomplish? It destroys the powerful Kaalakooda poison named the unfortunate samsAric sufferings (Dourgathya dhurvisha-vinAsa SudhA nadheem). How does it happen? It happens because of the krupai of the Supreme Being at Srirangam with the color of the dark rainy cloud, who is accompanied by the lightning creeper named RanganAyaki seated on His chest in a bhadra peetam (RangE sTithasya, Ramayaiva tadith-guNavatha: KrushNAmbhudhasya krupayA suvrushtyA taapAn samayanthy). The fundamental power that drenches the world with the torrential rain of His Krupai, RanganAtha is at Srirangam like a dark, rainy season cloud housing the golden lightning creeper named Ranga Naayaki seated on His chest. That KaruNA Moorthy inundates the world with the copious rain of His KrupA. GodhAis the nectarine river that serves as the catchment for this sacred rain waters (Suvrushti) in the role of AchAryai and helps to destroy the samsAric poison consumed by the chEtanams.

Latter perform Prapatthi to You to gain relief against the horrible poison of SamsAram. Extended meaning of this slOkam: Oh GodhE! The Lord Of Srirangam is an auspicious, intense blue rain bearing cloud (KaaLa mEgam). MahA Lakshmi, who never leaves His side is the lightning flash inside that rain cloud. You (Godhai) are the river that flows with life-saving nectar created by the rain of dayA from that Karu muhil, KaaLa mEga VaNNan. As that river of nectar, You destroy the deadly poison of SamsAram. Those MahAns, who seek refuge at Your sacred feet immerse themselves in that flood of Your nectarine Sookthis and have all their samsAric afflictions destroyed.

PerumAL is NeelamEga ShyAmalan. On His chest, the HiraNyavarNai, MahA Lakshmi resides. She appears like a flash of lightning. Only the rain cloud with lightning can yield copious rains. That rain of KrishNAmbhudam (karu muhil) is the KrupA (dayA) of the Lord of Srirangam. That rain takes shape as a mighty river that flows swiftly and washes away all the sufferings of the SamsAris. Such is the power of the nectarine river, GOdhai!



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