Chakra Snanam on Vaikunta Dwadasi in Tirumala


In Thiruchanur Padmavathi Thayar Temple, in Padma Sarovaram, Chakrattalwar Chakra Snanam is performed on the auspicious occassion of Vaikunta Dwadasi. Holy mother is awakened with Suprabhata Seva prior to sunrise, and then Nithya Archana rituals are performed. After that Thayar gave special Dhanurmasa darsanam to devotees. After that, Abhishekam is offered to thayar. Later, Chakrathazhwar in Thayar temple is givens special ritualistic worships, and brought to Padma Sarovaram with much pomp and holy music0. While Archakas(priests) are chanting Veda Manthrams and Mangala Vayidyam ( Holy music ) is played in the background for the pleasure of Chakrattalvar, Sri Chakrattalwar is given holy bath ceremony (abhishekam). After that priests gave three dips for Chakrathazhwar in Padma Sarovaram.  The devotees who remained awake the whole night of Vaikunta Ekadasi took bath in Padmasarovaram and were blessed. In the night, Thayar had Thirucchi Vahana Seva in Thirumada Streets.


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