Sri Goda Stuthi – 21



O GodhA dEvi, the amsam of Bhoomi Piratti (VasudhE)! Those fortunate rasikAs, who attended the wedding between RanganAtha and You and had the joy of witnessing, the exchange of garlands during that occasion; they fill this earth with the sound of their noisy debates even today. At that time, RanganathA bent His head to receive the garland worn by You and You reciprocated in the same way during the time of the exchange of Garlands. Both of You wore each other’s garland with great affection and joy due to your mutual love. Those, who were blessed to be part of this, joyous occasion are divided into three categories based on the sides that they take about the relative superiority among both of You. One group avers that you are superior because of His regard for You born out of His immeasurable love for You; the second group believes that You are His obedient and affectionate wife and therefore, Your Lord is superior to You. The third group is convinced that both of You are equal to each other in every measure. All these three groups advocate their positions loudly and the din arising from their debates on the subject echo loudly around the eight directions of the Universe even today.



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