Sri Goda Stuthi – 14

Sri Andal during a Margazhi uthsavam in Thiruvallikkeni
Sri Andal during a Margazhi uthsavam in Thiruvallikkeni


Oh IsvarI, who controls the Lord, who Himself controls the entire world! Oh ANDavanai aaLum ANDALE! Your Lord has the famous, never fading vana maalai known as VyjayanthI on his shoulders and chest. The divine fragrance of that garland attracts the honeybees. They hover around that garland on the Lord’s chest. At this time of morning, Your father brings the flower garland, which was worn earlier on Your tresses and presents it to the Lord. Your Lord bends His neck, receives it and wears that special garland with the sambhandham of Your kesam on His head as Kesavan. Immediately, there is a big rushing by the bees from VyjayanthI maalai to the garland of Yours on the head of the Lord. They jostle with each other to get there first and circle around and thus form a black umbrella as it were over the head of the Lord. The honeybees seem to vote to indicate the superiority of the fragrance of Your garland over that of the VyjayanthI maalai from their expert perspective.

Godhai’s flower garland is superior to VyjayanthI mAlA of Her Lord

The commentators have pointed out that Swamy Desikan refers here to the Vratham observed by a bridegroom with umbrella and flower garland during one phase of His wedding before PaaNigrahanam.



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