Sri Goda Stuthi – 13

Thooppul Andal with Other Ubhayanachiyars
Thooppul Andal with Other Ubhayanachiyars


Oh Godhai of the most beautiful and tender limbs! How did it happen that this old man, who sleeps on a bed of snake and has a bird for his transport become the man of Your choice as Your husband? Your dear husband of choice does not even have a proper bed for You; further, if you wish to travel to a destination of Your desire, You have to sit with Him uncomfortably on a bird .You can not go round the town on a procession on foot. You can only use the bird to fly way high up. The worst of it all is that Your husband is an ancient(old) one, when it comes to His age , while You are of tender age. How come You overlooked all these negative factors, while making Your choice of Him as Your future husband? What happened? Thus Your friends tease You.

Oh GodhE! You are a KumAri with sampoorNa SaamudhrikA LakshaNams. A bridegroom of equal beauty and Youth would be an ideal match for You.while that is so, You chose out of Your own free will a very ancient old Man, who has a snake for His bed and a bird for His transport. Thus the friends of GodhA make fun of Her choice of the Lord as Her husband in the Svayamvaram. These pseudo-mocking words really congratulate GodhA on Her winning choice of the Lord, who has “Anantha Sayanathvam, Veerya Garuda Vaahanathvam and PurANa Purusha Soochitha Jagath-kAraNathvam”. These ParihAsa Vachanams (yEsal pEcchukaL) are indeed VyAja Sthuthi according to commentators. GodhA’s Lord is saluted as “PaRavai yERum Param purudar”. PaRavai in question is “VedAthmA VihagEswara:” The bed in question is “Aadhi Seshan”, who is in the front row of Sesha BhUthALs and serves as the Lord’s bed, Umbrella, Aasanam and PaadhukA. The Old Lord is Aadhi Mudar Bhagavan.

In actuality, the sakhis are congratulating Godhai for the Bhagyam of obtaining the PurANa Parama Purushan who has Adhi Seshan as His bed and Garudan as His vaahanam.


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