Milagu vadai – Hanumanth Jayanthi Special


Haumanth Jayanthi is coming up soon in the last week of December 2011. Milagu vadai or pepper vadai are well known as Anjaneyar vadai.Because,these vadais are made as offerings to lord Anjaneya.These vadais are connected using a thread and garlanded to the Lord.The speciality about these vadais are ,they are fat free.Since ,we are not adding water to the mix while grinding,it will not absorb much oil.These also resembles the thattai. If we are frying the vadai as normal vadais,then the crispness may not last longer.So inorder to retain the crispness,we are going to partial fry the vadais.Then we are going to deep fry them for the second time as batches.This wil make the vadais crisp.


  • 1.Urad dal                  –         1 cup   (160 gm)
  • 2.Pepper                     –         1/2 tsp
  • 3.Hing                         –         a pinch
  • 4.Salt                           –        1/4 tsp

* Wash and soak the urad dal for an hour.
* Drain it and grind it in the mixie without adding water.
* The grinded mixture should be coarse not a paste.
* Mean while pulse the pepper and break it roughly.
* Take a bowl,mix the grinded urad dal,hing,salt and  broken pepper.
* Mix them well.
* Heat oil in a pan or kadai.
* Take a tbsp of hot oil and pour it on the vadai mix.
* This will make the vadai even more crisp.

* Take a ziploc cover,grease with oil.Grease ur hands also with oil to tap the vadai thinly.
* Take small lemon sized balls and pat it on the cover into a extremely thin vadai.
* Mark a hole in the centre.(This will cook the vadai faster.)
* Cook the vadai in oil on both sides.
* Remove the vadai,when it is light brown colour.(The trick here is, we are going to fry the vadai again in batches.This makes the vadai crisp always.Even after days.)
* Once all the vadais are cooked till light brown,place them on paper towels.
* Take the slightly browned vadais in batches and cook them again till it turns golden brown as shown in the 5 th picture.
* Store in clean ,air tight containers.The vadais will be crispy for longer,since we had double fried them.

* Ensure that,the vadais are patted thinly.If not they will become hard .
* At any point of time ,dont add water to the mix, while grinding.
* Making holes in the vadai will make the vadai to cook faster and crisper.
* Adding hot oil to the vadai mix will make them crisper and crunchier.
* When frying the vadai for the second time,keep an watch on the vadai,as there are chances to get black.
* We can also add  a tsp broken urad dal to the mix to get crunchier vadais.


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