AnnaKoototsavam at SriRanganatha Temple, Pomona, NY

Annakoototsavam was celebrated at SriRanganatha Temple, Pomona, NY on dec 10th 2011, saturday between 2pm to 4pm.
32 varities of prasadam – 8 sweets, 8 kahara, 8 sweet rice & 8 khara rice were offered to Sri Ranganatha. Hundreds of devotees visited the temple during the occasion and prasadam were distributed after the utsavam.
Other Utsavams at the temple:

The Temple has grown considerably, through the Acharyas’ Grace, as well as the support of the ever growing number of devotees. Several utsavams (festivals) are being conducted in a, grand manner including Vaikunta Ekadasi, Panguni Uthiram, Grand Annual Bhramotsavam (over many days), Krishna Jayanthi, Rama Navami, Acharya Thirunakshatrams, Deepavali, etc. Some of the Special Utsavams: Pushpa-Yagam (with thousands of jasmines, lotus, lily and many other exotic flowers, imported from India); Anna-Kuta utsavam with so many varieties of prasadams, Pavitrotsavam, Adhyayana-Ursavam and Sri Nammazhwar Moksham are enjoyed by all the devotees.



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