Raghuveera Gadhyam – 13



RaamEthi varNa dvayamaadharENa
sadhaa smaran mukthim upaithi janthu: |
kalou yugE kalmasha MaanushaaNaam
anyathra dharmE kalu naadhikaara: ||

(By uttering and meditating on the two lettered name Raamaa (Taaraka Namam), all creatures attain mukthi. In this kali yugam, when the righteousness is fast vanishing, there is no other dahrmam (practice suitable to us).

Dear Bhakthaas of Raghuveera,

I will conclude the observations of the remaining two salutations of Swami Desikan on Aaranya Khaandham in this and the next posting.

GS 40: klapitha vibhudha bhaava kabhandhaaabhinanditha! Jaya! Jaya!

(meaning): Hail to Thee, O Lord who was eulogised by the asura Kabhandhaa, who regained his erstwhile celestial form as as a result of your severing his arms.

(Background):Kabhandhanwas an erstwhile Deva, who incurred the displeasure of his master, Indra. Latter hit him with his Vajra weapon on the head and that led to his head and neck being sunk inside his torso. Later a sage by the name of sthula Siras cursed Kabhandhaa for an apachAram and latter became an Asura roaming the forest of Dandakam with no head, neck, thighs or legs, but just a trunk with mouth and eye in his chest.

Rama was travelling in that AaraNyam in a south westerly direction in search of His consort. Kabhandhaa confronted Rama and LakshmaNaa and snatched them with his eight mile long hands. Kabhandhaas prowess rested in his hands. Therefore Rama and LakshmaNaa severed the ogre’s hands at the shoulder level. Rama cut off the asura’s right hand and LakshmaNa took care of the left. The ogre writhed in pain and fell on the ground under the feet of Rama. Then he inquired Rama as to who he is and where he came from. LakshmaNaa briefed the fallen Kabhandhaa. Hearing that the one who maimed him was none other than Sri Rama, Kabhandhaa was ecstatic, since the curse could only be lifted by Rama’s hand. The asura begged Rama to cremate him so that he can regain his body as a Deva and then help the brothers with his supersensous knowledge as a Deva about the whereabouts of kidnapped Sita. The brothers threw the body of Kbhandhaa in a pit and cremated him with due ceremony. At the end of the creamation, Kabhandhaa transformed into his original celestial form and counseled the brothers that they should cultivate friendship with the monkey king Sugreeva to succeed in their efforts to reunite with Sita Devi. Kabhandhaa consoled the grief stricken Rama and asked him to hasten to Sugriva’s hiding place on the banks of Pampaa lake near Rishyamukha hill. Prior to his departure from this world as a celestial being, Kabhandhaa showed the brothers the way to Sugrivaa’s abode and gave them information about the hermitage of Sage Matangaa and took leave of the brothers.

Raama naama cha sadhaa smaraNeeyam
leelayaa bhava jalam taraNeeyam

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan

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