Geetha Jayanthi at TTD


Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD) will organise a three-day Geetha Jayanthi Utsavam in the temple town from December 4.      Apart from Tirupati, the Gita jayanthi will also be conducted in Chennai, Bangalore and Tiruvayur under the aegis of HDPP, TTD said in a release here yesterday. Spiritual lectures on Bhagavat gita will be delivered by eminent scholars and TTD will also be organizing Gita recitation competitions to the students of from third to tenth standards in three categories.

This year Gita Jayanthi day is on the 6th of December. Gita Jayanthi day is a day very close and dear to the hearts of all mumukshus and Prapannaas . It is the day when the most merciful Lord sitting in the front of PaarthA’s chariot as Sarathy in the middle of the battle field of KurukshEthrA revealed the doctrine of SaraNAgathi to a downcast ArjunA , who was stricken with sorrow over the realization of his incompetency to practise Bhakthi YogA. He understood the insurmountable obstacles to him as a practioner of Bhakthi YogA to attain the goal of Moksham.

The DayA Saagaran , PaarthasArathy was moved by the sincere sorrow of his friend and disciple and taught him the doctrine of SaraNAgathi or the doctrine of Self-Surrender. Our Compassionate Lord gave us the Carama Sloka in the context of instructing His dear disciple.

Many AchAryAs have dwelled on the various aspects of SaraNAgathi , its auxillaries , methods of  performance and fruits of such a performance . SaraNAgathi is declared by SasthrAs as an alternative to Bhakthi Yoga in  attaining the supreme fruit of Moksham . Other AchAryAs have interpreted that SaraNAgathi can  give Bhakthi YogA itself and through it MokshA .


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