Sea of Devotees Witnessed in Thiruchanoor Panchami


Tiruchanur, 29 Nov 2011 – The holy Padmasarovaram-the temple tank in the abode of Goddess Padmavati, turned into a sea of devotees on Tuesday with tens of thousands of pilgrims hailing from across the country participating in Panchami Theertham, the most important ritual of the annual Kartheeka Brahmotsavams.

Panchami Theertham is a celebration of the manifestation of Sri Padmavati Devi in a Golden Lotus in Padma Sarovaram on Sukla Panchami of Kartheeka month. The rituals commenced with the grand procession of temple elephant during the wee hours from Tirumala to Tiruchanoor which carried the “Sare”(gift from Lord to his beloved consort comprising turmeric,kumkum, tulsi etc.) on this ceremonious occasion. After rendering special pujas the temple priests performed Snapana Tirumanjanam(celestial bath with milk, honey, turmeric, coconut water and turmeric) to Chakrattalwar and processional deity of Goddess Padmavathi  in the specially decorated mandapam in the temple tank. While performing puja as per Pancharatra Agama, the priests adorned the deities with specially made Cardamom, Kuruveru(a type rivergrass), American rasp berry, cherry garlands which fascinated the devotees.

After the end of the hour-long  ritual, Sudarshana Chakram was taken into Padma Pushkarini for a holy dip at around 11.50am in the holy Kumbha lagnam. Thousands of devotees took a holy dip in the temple tank along with Chakrathalvar hailing the Goddess and chanting Govindanamam.

The TTD made elaborate arrangements for Panchami Theertham, which went off smoothly marking the conclusion of the nine-day annual temple festival. About 50thousand pilgrims were served free food-Annadanam in Tholappa Gardens on the occasion.

Dhwajavarohanam, the lowering ceremony of the celestial flag will be performed in the evening of Friday between 7:30pm to 10:00pm marking the successful completion of the mega religious event.


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