Upanyasam – “Saranagadi Gadyam” at Bangalore


Between the 24th to 28th of November 2011, an upanyasm by Sri. U.Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan  Swami is scheduled at Sri krishna Mandhir, Malleswaram, Bangalore. Swami, will be delivering the upanyasm on the topic “Saranagadi Gadyam”. People in and around Bangalore are requested to take part in this upanyasm and enjoy the nectar of Sarangadi Gadhyam. In the same venue at 7.00am everyday between 24th to 28th November, swami will be delivering upanyasm on the topic “Periya Thirumadal”

SaraNAgati gadya is in the form of a dialog between Sri Ramanuja and SrI Devi (MahA Lakshmi) in the first instance, then between Sri RamAnuja and Sriman NaarAyaNa. Tradition is that Sri Ramanuja performed SaraNAgati in Srirangam before Lord RanganAtha and His consort, when They were seated on an AstAnam and that SrI Devi and Her Lord actually spoke to Ramanuja and granted him the boon sought in his prayers as seen from the dialog in SaraNAgati gadya. To SrI Ramanuja, Iswara is a personal God, who has the Universe, Cit and acit as His body and is full of all various benevolent attributes. It is appropriate therefore that, as is usual with him, Sri Ramanuja should in his SaraNAgati gadya, sing the glory and beauty of His divine personality, the brilliance of His wonderful ornaments, and the mighty powers of His weapons. He is also adored as the consort of Sri, BhUmi and nILaa devis. He has also for His attendants nityAs like AdiSesha, Garuda and Vishvaksena, and the MuktAs in VaikuNTha, His blissful abode. SaraNAgati gadya is the exposition of the dvaya Mantra, which has come to us traditionally. This is the major gadya, while the other two (Sriranga and VaikuNTha gadyas) stay as supplementary gadyas. This work is one of great religious importance to the followers of Sri Ramanuja, who believe in his philosophy of VisishtAdvaita.”

E-book with lucid explanation for Saranagadi Gadyam can be downloaded from:  http://www.srihayagrivan.org/html/ebook030.htm



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